It’s been 6 months already!!!

So this is it… the last day of my PULSE assignment and my last day in Ghana.

6 months have absolutely flown by and I can’t believe that I’m going to be getting on a plane to go home tonight.  This has definitely been a great adventure, full of wonderful people and experiences.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been transitioning the STAR CHPS project and life in Ghana over to Christie, the next PULSE volunteer who has now been in Ghana for just 2 weeks.  It’s hard to leave in the middle of the project when I can see so much work to still be done, but I can already see her excitement and enthusiasm, so I’m confident that our project support will continue well.  Binita is here for a few more weeks, as well, and that will be a great help as Christie continues to transition into the project team and life in Takoradi.

To be honest, I am envious of the experiences that Christie will have in the next 6 months, and of the friendships that she will make, because I’m really going to miss the friendships that I have made here in just 6 months.

That being said though, I have had two women this week independently give me the very excited compliment “oh! you’ve gotten fat!”, so I think it may be time to go home and get back into a regular exercise routine…. although, I will miss laughing at myself the whole way through our azonto aerobics classes at the gym here.  And I am really looking forward to seeing my family and friends when I get back, too. I’ve missed them while I’ve been away.

(I had to smile and say ‘thank you’ to that compliment both times, because in Ghana, it is truly meant as a compliment… I think it must be the chocolate cake I ate for breakfast when I was home for Christmas!)

I feel like I have so many people to thank for these last 6 months, though… the GSK PULSE team that creates these opportunities, the Jhpiego team in Ghana that has been so welcoming, my statistics team at home for covering my projects while I was gone, our wonderful new friends in both Accra and in Takoradi and my family and friends back home for keeping in touch while I was gone, to let me know that I was missed… and of course, my PULSE partner, Binita, who saw both my good days and bad days and survived 6 months of living with me!  Thank you all, so very much!

And with that, I’m off to start my last day in the Jhpiego Takoradi office!


  1. Happy that you get to go home and see family and friends…equally sad to be losing my PULSE pal 😦 Safe journey home and most definitely speak to you soon! x

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