Time flies so fast….my 6-month wonderful experience will stay alive in my mind!

I completed my 2nd observation of CHN regarding how they improve their coaching skill after training. It continued whole November and I was able to observe 9 CHN. My observation composed 3 parts; 1 to 1 reinforcement training regarding what we learned, observation, sharing feedback. I was so happy when they wrote down their feedback on CHN Coaching note which I desigend and developed.  During 2nd observation I was able to find their potential. They remembered 6 Role & Responsibility exactly and followed 4 coaching steps when they are supervising their CHW.  The most interesting point was that they are aware of each improvement area and trying to fix it. So impressive!!!!  The combination between Repeated education and Learning spirit is the most important thing for their sustainability, I think. 

Unfortunately I had to return to Korea earlier than my original date because of some unforeseen circumstances. I was able to back up a little my work what I’ve done druring 6 month, which was so painful and sad. So I realize the importance of back up via Cloud system.

I know I can not forget this wonderful experience in my life. There is no words to express my feeling and self-development. I appreciate so much for my proud company GSK and peoples. I love everyone in GSK worldwide and am so proud to work at this precious company. Hope every GSK peoples can realize how important role we have, how valuable GSK mission is and, we can achieve GSK 4 values in our daily lives.

Happy New Year and God Bless you!!!



P1040230 P1040213 P1040187 P1040150 P1040135

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