Until Next time

I am so emotional today as it is my last day of my PULSE journey. In the past 6 months, I have built good friendship with many people who I met along my journey. I feel so connected to them and they become my life time friends. I did not expect that I would gain so much apart from the experience in working with NGO.  I have accomplished beyond my expectation as being a PULSE volunteer. I have successfully planted a seed of immunization to the department of Health and Nutrition at Save the Children, US. It was a hard work I must say as I had to cultivate the land by searching and collecting lots of information in order to help team to develop their immunization strategy. I had no background in immunization work and neither does my supervisor. It was a very challenging assignment for me but I did it! and did it well! My supervisor; Eric Starbuck and other colleagues are much appreciated what I have done for them. I look forward to seeing the ‘Immunization’ tree growing beautifully and healthily. Besides the change I have made through my assignment, I also see the change in the people who I have connected. I have shared my perspective of life and experience. With my lively personality, I have brought joy and happiness to them. They thank me for helping them to be better and happier. I also thank them for making my PULSE journey unforgettable.

It is not a good bye but until next time…

until next time lunch
Until next time lunch with my colleagues…I will miss you

End notes

I would not have such an invaluable experience, if my GM (Boyd) and my direct boss (Kantarose) had not supported me. I would like to give big thank to my PULSE team, especially Sue, my PULSE buddy (Narada and Krishna), my GSK colleagues (Dipal, Pinsuda, Arissara, Pailin) who gave me advise on my assignment; Kanchana who take care all my responsibility at GSK and other dear colleagues (Piyamat, Naruemon and finance team, Yosaporn, Apisit, Roongpetch, Patchara, Piyaporn, Pojchamarn, Panatda, Somrasa)

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