Leaving for Kenya in a few days!

Ealing-20121221-00183The time has finally arrived, after 8 long months we are almost on our way to Kenya! I will be joining the GSK PULSE volunteers in Kisumu to work with the OGRA foundation to improve the information system in the OGRA clinics including rolling out an Electronic Medical Records (no, this is not Zinc – I’m leaving that behind!)

I am looking forward to making a real difference in in Kenya, living in a warm country, seeing amazing places, meeting interesting people and reading loads of books!

My bags are packed…. let the adventure begin!

See you in July!!

p.s how many pairs of shoes do you think I can fit into my hand luggage 😉


  1. We are all looking forward to follow your blog and get to experience part of what you are doing. Good luck and enjoy, time will fly
    Madelein and kids

  2. I leave on the 2nd for Ghana…… Let me know if you are up for a visit to the coast. I would love to catch up with a fellow PULSE volunteer. Good luck in Kenya and look forward to reading about your progress!

  3. Looking forward to hearing latest news from you! Let me know your first impresions – hope all is going just perfectly fine.


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