Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!

So I haven’t yet come to grips with the fact that it’s already the end of November…. As Ghana enters the dry season, our daily high temperatures are starting to climb slightly… I believe today’s high was 88°F… and when I looked at the weather back home in NC this weekend, the temperature was 28°F… it just doesn’t feel like the end of November to me at all… and 28°F doesn’t feel like a real temperature anymore!

We did have our own makeshift Thanksgiving dinner in Ghana last week though 🙂 I had a suitcase full of food surprises from my family and friends (thaaanks, B)…. And that included a box of stovetop stuffing, a box of trader joe’s pumpkin bread mix, candy corn, and my mom’s Christmas cookies in the shape of turkeys and pumpkins and pilgrims…. Binita secretly emailed my parents via one of my friends back home and got a recipe for deviled eggs… so we added chicken (instead of turkey), green beans, just so we had a vegetable, and an attempt at sweet potato casserole using our toaster oven and Ghanaian sweet potatoes (the sweet potatoes here are white and not orange… and a little more starchy… it wasn’t terrible, at least)… and – tada! – we ended up with a pretty good attempt at Thanksgiving dinner in Ghana 🙂 And I skyped my family later on, so that was really nice, too!

So I’ve got a little less than two months left before my PULSE assignment is finished and I’m almost afraid to see how fast that time will go by.  We already feel like we’re running out of weekends…. and I’m going home for Christmas (yay!) so that’s going to take up some time, as well, but I’m really looking forward to that… and then it’s going to be mid-January before you know it.  And so now it’s a bit of a weird feeling to know that the friendships that we’ve made so quickly here are going to take such a drastic change in the near future…. That has been one of my favorite things while I’ve been in Ghana, though…. how quickly we’ve made good friends.

And work is ramping up, too. We were working in the Accra office for a few weeks in November and we’re working on a bi-annual project report at the moment, with a list of other tasks to accomplish after the report is submitted.  We’ll also be working around the Ghanaian presidential elections in December, as well, so December does promise to be an interesting month. (There are currently 6 main candidates running for president/vice president…. And to win you have to hold at least 51% of the votes, so elections here are expected to go a few ‘rounds’, so we’ll see how that goes!)

But a few pictures from the past few weeks:

A few fun dresses and skirts that I’ve had made here… we’ll see how brave I am about wearing them back home!!!

So many parts of Ghana are truly beautiful…. this is sunset at one of the beach lodges about an hour and a half away from where we live….

Aaand we went up to Mole National Park (in the north of Ghana) and we saw a lot of animals on walking and 4×4 ‘safaris’ and we actually saw an elephant…. and got to follow him around for a little bit!

But then, unfortunately, this animal decided to come visit us in our house…. seriously, it’s as big as my hand, I was just too afraid to put anything close enough for perspective!

So… needless to say, it’s still an adventure!  Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Hi Allison — not sure if this is the best place to let you know – but Rebekkah had her baby today! Clara Pearl!

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