Final Term

With only one month to go on my assignment and my strategic plan gaining shape, I thought I would give you a small sneak preview of my schools programme.  One of the high impact activities which we are planning for the Year of the Brain in 2014 is a brain experiment which is simple, inexpensive and safe for children to carry out in schools across Europe.  We have therefore recently gone out to our network with a call for ideas and got some very good proposals which I am currently assessing and testing.  One proposal was to illustrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain and their different set of functions.  It would help kids learn which side of their brain they tend to favour and also whether their style of cognitive processing is auditory or visual.  In fact, I have just had a go at one such test ( and my brain usage profile is as follows:

50% Auditory / 50% Visual

58% Left / 41% Right, there is no hint, however, as to where my last 1% is used, but I suspect it must be in my Corpus Callosum …..

In this particular test, you can also go back through each question of your test and the program will explain what your answer to each question means and there is also a very interesting summary profile report that you can receive.

We are also planning to launch a number of competitions during our campaign and one such competition could be an arts or mascot design competition.  We have recently even received a first unsolicited entry from nine year old Blake:

Blake is autistic, but I think his little drawing reveals some real talent and it illustrates how our campaign can help with challenging the perception and stigmatisation of brain disorders.  I feel that we will be surprised by the creativity and talent that will come shining through during the course of your programme and I am already looking forward to seeing some of the entries to our competitions.

In my last blog I asked how many thoughts the human brain is estimated to produce on an average day and the answer is around 70,000 !  So here is another question for you: What is the percentage of people who report normally writing with their right hand ?  Answer again in my next blog.

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