Back in the Saddle

Just before I left for my vacation, I was charged with preparing  a Term of Reference (ToR) for the communications group in the new organization.

As you know, I’ve conducted workshops on building communications skills and case study writing. I’ve also worked with that group on advocacy matters and helped integrate the theory of change in the WaSH work.  Once these sessions were formulated, so that I didn’t under-deliver, I asked the requesting party to provide me with details of a scope of work which has helped me prepare an agenda, curriculum, and working slides. As you can imagine, depending on the group served, the requests change. I’d like to document my observations but more importantly, capture what I see as areas that can be improved upon for the communications group as a whole.

So I was challenged with putting together a document that highlights the following:

  • What the staff need to be able to do their work
  • What skills do they currently have to do their work
  • What does the organization have to do in order to build capacity across the country office

I don’t think it is communication strategy, but rather a lessons-learned or best practice document using data collected.

The ToR has been submitted and with three weeks to go, I’m looking forward to the next steps.

One comment

  1. Debbie,
    Your blogging is getting just great daily.I look forward to reading when I start study for the weekly text..Today I started the sermon for the first Sunday of advent and focus on how important it is to communicate to all a deeper sense of preparing for Christ coming.Here you are blogging about communication and setting goals.My thinking was influence to use the theme If you do not plan to succeed you are planning to fail” The learning points for me is that John the baptist came telling the people to get ready for the coming of Christ.Here you are doing it in a different way though good documentation,listening and leadership skills.

    Thank you much.Be safe be blessed


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