Still alive and well in Ghana :)

Hiiii 🙂

Just a quick note to say that we’re still doing well in Ghana…. We’ve been working in the Accra office for a few weeks in order have our project team together in one place to prepare for a project update meeting…. and then our internet has been down for a little over a week in Takoradi, so we’ve stayed in Accra….. and even here at the moment, we can’t get a signal unless we’re in the office…. fun times 🙂 (working/fast internet is definitely something I take for granted at home!)  But all that to say a new blog with pictures will be coming soon….

I’ve had some fun new skirts and dresses made out of some beautiful and creative African prints, had the chance to shop from a bead trader from Mali, and this past weekend we went up to Mole National Park and went on a mini safari and followed an elephant through the forest for a little while… the adventures are still continuing!

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