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My evenings have been a little different over the last month, consisting on average of 2 evening programs a week, while adding a few focus groups in, which target a certain group, i.e. men ages 25-45 and are typically held in a learning center during the day.

What do these evening programs consist of,  you may ask?  Well, we start by loading up the truck with the speakers, projector, microphone, necessary electrical cords, screen, and of course the computer.  From there we head out about 2 hours to the targeted village.  Each village has a Taboo day, a day that the farmers and miners do not go to work, typically a Tuesday or Wednesday.  During these days, the mud roads are packed with people and the markets are thriving. We then set up our equipment square in the middle of the markets.  By now it’s getting dark, and once all…

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