More Time to Think?

The past four months volunteering at the CCS have felt, in many ways, like my first four months at GSK back in ’98.  Then as now, I was sharing an office with someone very close to the history of the organization: at CCS, that history has come in the form of yellowed newspaper clippings, dog-eared photos, letters and recorded oral histories so powerful that they’ve given me goose bumps more than once.  Back in ’98, it was an office mate who’d been with the company for almost 40 years, never taken a single sick day (can you believe that?!) and was responsible for the destruction of pharmacy returns.  His ‘history’ would come in the form of half-empty bottles with product names like “Cardilate” and “Maredox”, often bearing the faded logos of legacy companies and so ancient that they predated child resistant caps.  He also told some great stories.

The history…

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