PULSE Rising!

I spent last Friday at the GSK Kenya Office with six fellow PULSE Volunteers.  We started the day with a meeting. We met with the general manager, some staff, and later toured the facility. We learned about the team’s role in working out accountability issues, a familiar GMS process that focuses all levels of management.

There was no production occurring at the time but we able to see the production lines of Aquafresh, Scott’s, Hedex and Tums. Some consumer products were rather new to me and to some of the others as well. Did you ever wonder how they get those three colors aligned in the Aquafresh toothpaste tube?

Over lunch, we met with fellow Kenya employees discussing our assignments and the PULSE Volunteer Partnership. Encouraging this group was not a problem. They were wide-eyed and listened intently as we discussed our various assignments. There were questions about the registration process and each of us took on a part to explain. Many were apprehensive and were reassured that the most senior members of the organization have validated and endorsed this effort.

PULSE Awareness Week was a great time for employees to consider the Partnership. It is important that the Web site is visited often to see what alumni volunteers have experienced. I do encourage you to check out the blogs of those who are serving as we share our stories.

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As a PULSE volunteer, I am inviting applications from GSK employees who are interested in serving the community and strengthening their leadership skills through a 3 or 6 month immersion experience with a non-profit partner. While the PULSE Volunteer Partnership is excited about the search for employees who want to ‘Be the change’ in 2013,

I am proud to be one of those employees serving in one of several different partner organizations in one of the many countries around the world through my 2012 PULSE assignment. Check us out: https://gskpulsevolunteers.com/



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