Time to say Goodbye

It seems like yesterday, when I entered the St. Stephen’s Hospital, MNGO office with mixed feelings of excitement, fear and uncertainity.  Today, when I have just two more days to go, I would have liked it to continue a little longer!  The past 3 months have taught me about compassion, caring and selfless service.  I have learnt how to cope with and work under difficult circumstances – be it intense heat or a small, nosiy office.  I have learnt to be satisfied with what I have and I have learned not to complain.

Apart from the Volunteer Process that I set up for MNGO and the training programs I organised, the relationships that I developed with each and every staff member have been amazing.  I have been their colleague, friend, guide and confidante. Each one is faced with their own challenges and for each one I was someone with whom they could share their joys, their problems and their frustrations. I developed a relationship with the volunteers that I inducted as well. They would come to me with the problems they faced in the field and sometimes I also had to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.

I also saw the immense pain and suffering in our city (which I knew existed but had never seen to this extent). The large homeless community, lying on the streets of Delhi and while I am part of this great city, I have, in the past never done anything for them.  I am very fortunate to have been associated  with MNGO for Homeless Delhi where I could contribute my services in a small way.  I was a part of health camps, non-formal education centres, awareness camps and self-help groups to name a few of the activities. 

As I prepare to to go back to GSK, I go back with a thankful heart; thankful to GSK for the great PULSE program and for giving me the opportunity to serve the community.