A word from Kigali

I am glad to be able to connect with you after a long trip from the USA to Rwanda and no internet connection for my first 24h. Today has been already a busy and fulfilling day. I had the opportunity to meet with my NGO and all colleagues working there. I was amazed by the warm welcome they gave me. It is an international environment with some coming from Kenya, others from the UK and also Rwanda. One of them has actually a sister called Lidia, just like me what made us connect right away! I could feel their engagement as they were busy preparing supplies for a health post (a type of franchise public clinic) about to open outside of Kigali. The goal is to open 20 of them in the country within the next 10 years. Quite a challenge but there was so much positive energy! I will meet with MOH on Monday to start my own assignment. I am quite excited about it.

I also started the not so fun aspects of settling down abroad…register to the embassy, start apartment hunting, understand how to meet with the international community, and how to be aware of cultural events…and I am even thinking about taking KyniaRwanda classes offered by the French Institute. Every one here has been so nice and friendly…hard to believe it is sometimes so hard for us to do it thinking about our “busy” lives.

Having diner tonight with my NGO colleagues. Looking forward to it!



  1. Good luck Lidia with this new project! We are really happy to read your blog – thank you to keep us informed about your experience in Rwanda.

  2. Et voilà… c’est parti! Enjoy the experience while we will be following you on this blog. À bientôt!

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