A busy September

It’s been a busy few weeks at CR-UK. Firstly there was the brand re-launch in early September (you may notice advertising in newspapers and magazines with the new logo).

Although my team wasn’t involved in the launch there has been a lot of activity in the office. Then there was the preparation for the yearly update meeting with the funders of the ECMCs. This was the first time I got to present an update on the projects I’m working on which was slightly stressful as the Departments of Health from the devolved nations are some of the funders – I’ve never presented to Government before – and we had an hour interlude for a fire evacuation in the middle of one of my slides! However, it was a really positive experience and made me realise how far my projects had come in the last 3 months.

And now I’ve been given a couple of additinal projects to work on. Because of my links to the pharma industry I’ve been asked to prepare some material to promote the ECMCs to industry. It’s a really interesting proposition working on the other side of the fence, trying to understand what a company like GSK would want to see. I’m also working on the periphery of the creation of the Experimental Medicine Research Strategy. More on this when I know more!

And to top it all, I had to fit in several visits to the Paralympics,which was very taxing!! We managed to see five different sports and a few gold medals for Paralympics GB (including David Weir’s 1500m win). All in all, a busy and rewarding September.