September 20


Cultural Awareness Month

This month is a proud month for South Africans as many of the different cultures are celebrated throughout the month of September.  Soweto which is one of the biggest townships holds one of the largest festivals celebrating food, dance and customs of many of tribes represented here.  Although, I haven’t yet visited Soweto yet, it’s on my list, I did have a chance to visit Lesedi Cultural Village.  We learned about  the Zulu, Basotho, Xhosa and Pedi tribes.  We were taken around to see how each lived as well as experienced their music and cultural dance.  It was a nice way to learn more about the people here in South Africa.

Cultural Dancer In Action


Speaking of Authentic African food… I did have a chance to experience the Mopani Worm which tasted a bit like sardines, very salty and fishy in flavor with a texture more like bark from a tree.  I couldn’t bring myself to each the chicken feet which still had the toenails on them.

Mopani Worm – I ate this one

The first part of this month as been busy with the Project Hope UK & US Board Members visiting Munsieville.  We were able to take them on a tour of the township and show them what the people of Munsieville have been working on. One of the areas we showed them was the enterprise zone.  Some of the women in Munsieville have started a brick making business and displayed their work for all to see.

Brick Making Machine


One of the board members was able to give a talk on Leadership.  She spoke to both the Leadership Academy I class along with the newly selected Leadership Academy II class.  Some inspiring words she shared was:  “A true leader gets people to do things that they didn’t think they could do and do it for themselves”.  There were a lot of questions and engagement from the crowd.

The first Leadership Class started Friday, September 14th and all the candidates were able to learn about which side of the brain is dominant for them and how that affects the way they perceive the world and those around them.  It will be especially useful when they need to lead others that use a different side of the brain.  They learned creative minds need more pictures to remember while conventional left side brain learners can get along easily with highlighting facts from a paragraph.  They also received results from their career profile indicator test that gave them a better understanding as to what tasks and roles fit them best.  It was a successful first class.  The next one will be October 12th.  Stay tuned for more details later.

This month The Thoughtful Path put on 2 Health Fairs for the children of Munsieville.  The first one was on Sunday, September 9th and was the first ever health fair in Mshenguville the shack settlement in Munsieville.  There was a fire last month that claimed the life of two children.  The health fair was a way of educating the community in both personal and environmental safety.  There were games for the children and while they learned about hand washing and the dangers of paraffin ingestion.

Hand Prints

Hand Washing

The Dangers of Paraffin Ingestion
Looks like water but placing a sticker on the bottle can save a life

The second health fair was the Munsieville Youth that put on a day for the children to learn about health.  This month it occurred on September 15th and the kids were taught about self esteem.  Something they all could use to understand they can do and become anything they put their minds to.  It’s been a great two weeks this month for the community and the children of Munsieville, South Africa!

Self Esteem Poster Presented