Half Way There

I can hardly believe that I’m already halfway through my assignment here in Nairobi. The time is truly flying by and it makes me a little sad to think that it will be over before I know it. This month I’ve been doing some laboratory audits to determine what pieces are still missing for the QMS process and what still needs implementing. It has been good to be in the lab more this month instead of document editing at my desk. All of the key SOPs are pretty much complete so now we are focused on lab activities. I am also in the process of organising a huge lab clean-up to get everything labelled and organised. So the project is moving forward.

One thing that I have appreciated about being in Nairobi is that there are 6 PULSE volunteers based here working with various projects at AMREF. Sibel and I had coffee together one Saturday recently at Java House (a popular Nairobi chain) and had a wonderful discussion about our projects here and our jobs back home. It has been really nice to have people who are going through the same experience to talk to. We are all seeing many of the same challenges and have been able to give each other advice for how to approach them. It has been our own PULSE support group.

I am also taking time to see the sights while here. We recently spent a weekend at the Masai Mara which is the most popular Kenyan National Park for safaris. It was the middle of the annual wildebeest migration so the park was full of herds and we saw lots of animals. My favourite was the cheetah mama with her cubs. Very adorable. I also got to spend last weekend reclining on a Kenyan beach on Lamu Island. Lamu has no motorized vehicles on it. So the moods of transport are feet, donkeys, and dhows (boats). Makes for a very laid back atmosphere. It was a nice relaxing weekend with the sun and waves.

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