Week 1 at Save The Children, Westport

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Today was the completion of my first week at the Save the Children. In the last few days, I have gained a bit more clarity of my project. In a nutshell, my project entails ensuring that Save the Children is compliant with the requirements of US Government contracting requirements.  This project will also require the sharing of this knowledge with Save the Children International based in the UK.  This compliance will provide the potential to increase funding through US Government contracts in the future.

Over the past few days, I have been immersed in understanding the Save the Children strategy as well as reading lots of literature relating to US Government contracting. I am getting to grips with direct costs, indirect costs and ICR (Indirect Cost recovery). If anyone reading this has experience in the area or knows anyone, please let me know. I would appreciate the guidance and support.

After being away from the US for almost 6 years, I thought I might face a bit of culture shock but luckily for me I have a “buddy” Siriwapa from GSK Thailand who is also at the same location (just one floor above). Siriwapa has also been assisting me showing me around Westport as well as taking me to the local supermarkets and ensuring that I find my footing.  Attached are some pictures of Westport and Save the Children organisation to appreciate the location and the weather..

Until next week,


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