Project Status Update

I am ten weeks into my assignment and have been happy with the progress of my assignment to date. I am currently updating the existing Fundraiser database, creating training materials on using the program, and will be rolling it out to just under 20 staff. Hopefully the materials will be utilised long-term – I have worked closely with the software developers to ensure that it is robust and will continue to get support after I leave. I am to the training and support stage so I am almost complete with regard to this aspect of my assignment.

The original project changed somewhat when I found that the current server is sitting at capacity in terms of memory space. We need to come up with a viable solution for long-term document retention that works well with the database – and this is where SharePoint will come in. Gratefully, we started implementing SharePoint across GSK before I left for this assignment so I had some exposure to the application and how it can be utilised as a storage solution. We are also able to manipulate the master pages and design given that it is the generic version and not the GSK created one. This is now step two of my project and the add-on to the original placement. This project starts in earnest from tomorrow.

I have also been working very hard with the fundraising team, I was pleasantly surprised that it is not difficult to seek out financial support and gifts in kind when you are passionate about the charity you are working for. The Hospice inspires this dedication and passion. Even when I am travelling on personal  journeys I ask people I meet for support and invite them to our fundraising events. I have attended events as a volunteer and participated in fun runs, it is great to wear the “Hospice” green and help them in any way I can.

I have visited patients – this has not been a large part of my experience given my area of expertise but it still helps with the level of engagement and remembering why we are here and what we are working towards. Every experience has been gratefully accepted and cherished.

What is my impression at this mid-way point? I will be desperately sad to leave the Hospice in three months time. I return home next month to apply for my visa and am dreading being away from all these wonderful people as much as I am excited about going home. It is like having family across countries. You heart is torn between the two. I do hope that my visa application runs smoothly and I am back here and in action before too long.

I have to say that I am immensely proud to work for GSK knowing how much they support their employees, their community and charitable organisations. Past volunteers and Hospice employees have shared their experiences with me, the financial contributions, the gifts in kind, the GSK- supported volunteer activities by local employees, not to mention the individual dedication by employees to this charity makes me so happy to be involved with PULSE. I do hope that other employees make the decision to apply as this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Read more about my personal journey please see my blogspot. Be aware that all comments and perspectives within this blog are my own and is more a diary of my individual journey – the highs, the lows.

Happy reading.