We have a home in Takoradi :)

We’ve moved in!!!

And we’re so excited about it…. here, let me give you a tour….

This is the living room/dining room….

This is the kitchen….

This is my bedroom (I’m still unpacking)…

This is my bathroom….

Binita has her own room and bathroom, too… but the important part to notice about the bathroom is that there is a vent that conveniently connects my bathroom directly to Binita’s… you know… for the very important early morning conversations… ha!

And we even have a little porch out front with a few chairs and a table… so we can spray on the deet and enjoy evenings outside, because it’s cooler outside of the house than it is inside 🙂

So this weekend, we’ve been getting the house set up…. We had a chance to shop for kitchen items in Accra last weekend, and that was a HUGE help…. And this weekend, we’ve made trips to the two grocery stores here in town so we can cook our own meals…  So about a 3-mile walk round trip for each one (and of course the sun decided to come out in full force this weekend)… but we’ve found out that the best way to wave off taxis (who beep incessantly because we’re not Ghanaian) is to tell the drivers that we’re ‘exercising’… usually, they’ll laugh and leave us alone. So yesterday for the first time, we made our own breakfast and our own lunch…. very exciting 🙂

Another thing that’s really great about the move is that we’re now on a quieter side of Takoradi… away from most of the traffic and the bustle… so we can hear crickets at night, and there are fewer cars on the roads, so that’s really nice for early morning runs… before, we were fighting busy traffic in spots even at 5:30am… and we even have a gym not too far from the house…. I think we’re going to brave the aerobics class this week, so that should be an experience 🙂

So this week, we’ll be on our own for the first time since we’ve been here… catching taxis to/from work and sorting out all of our meals… our self-imposed cooking challenge for the week is fish tacos… avocados seem to be coming back into season, so we’re hoping to make some nice guacamole to go with them… the real challenge will be getting all of the ingredients!


  1. Hi Allison! wonderful! I am so happy that you finally have your house…and it looks great (hopefully we will be able to take it over when we start our assignment)! I am happy to hear that you have kept up the running and actually found a gym close by! I told Christie that I am going to turn her into a marathoner when we are there! Take care and happy cooking!

  2. Hello Allison. Thank you for this update and the pictures. Your new home looks wonderful and I am happy for you. Keep up the great work and progress.

  3. Hey, Congratulation~~~ So nice house, especially bedroom and living room! Maybe Binita will cook indian food! Good for both of you~~~! I really want to visit your house in Takoradi again!
    Be careful of mosqiotos all the time~ Say hello to Binita!

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