Attending a Few Classes

AMREF facilitates numerous different classes related to the lab and quality systems. I had the opportunity to observe some of the sessions over the past month and also helped facilitate some. The courses include a Laboratory Management Class, Refresher Training in Good Diagnostic Practices, Disease Surveillance, and Laboratory Audits and Quality Control. I found the courses to be very helpful. My career at GSK has been in analytical chemistry which is very different from the medical laboratories that I am working with here. I took a number of microbiology and biochemistry courses in college but that was a while ago so the classes were a good refresher for me. I enjoyed the practical sessions where we prepared samples and played with microscopes. It was also good to see how the quality systems are approached and taught in Kenya. Many of the sessions were facilitated by individuals from the accreditation agency in Kenya, the Ministries of Health, or local Universities. So it provided an excellent perspective of the views held by top individuals in the field. I also really enjoyed interacting with the students. All of the students were active participants in the classes. They were all good at sharing their experiences to try and solve issues that other labs were having. It was good to be a part of such an open atmosphere with good discussion. I gained a better understanding of the challenges faced by the labs in Kenya and an appreciation for the staff who work in the labs.

Leading a Discussion on Specimen Management
Looking at Cytology samples during a practical



  1. Dorothy, so great to see a post from you! I hope that you are doing well.

    I can’t wait until you’re back here in Zebulon/RTP to tell us about your experience.

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