More Time to Think?

The reason behind the title “more time to think?” was completely straightforward: roughly 16 hours a week of commuting time (that’s an incremental 12 hours beyond what I was doing before!); I was definitely trying to put an optimistic spin on what could otherwise be seen as soul-crushing.  It was written as a question because I really wasn’t sure.  Happy to say that, seven weeks into my assignment, all the extra commuting time really has given me more time to think, read, catch up on e-mail and keep this blog alive.  Some pretty awesome nap time on the way home too (seems to happen mostly on Fridays).

My last job at GSK already had me thinking about ‘service products’ as an extension of hard, tangible goods (i.e. medicines).  Service products, in the context of patient support programs, really means value-added information for patients, caregivers or clinicians.  One of my new…

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