Show me the money!!

Phew! Not the weekend yet and I am already tired! Two events consecutively run this week – on Wednesday, Mojo hosted the monthly Quiz Night, which is always awesome. It would probably make my friends laugh at home to know that I help with the questions and answer checking prior to the event – something that is NOT my forte as I have a horrendous memory for trivia and know nothing about current events (should I admit to that? haha!). If you are in Romania and haven’t had a chance to stop by – please do! Be prepared for lots of laughs and an opportunity to win some great prizes. I was interviewed by a local TV station about the upcoming Lady Gaga concert and ended up talking about Hospice and the fantastic work they do.


Thursday Night, after a relatively late one on Wednesday was a 2am wake up for a 3am start – awful, what can I say? My body is not set to EVER get up that early and we were off to Mamia to set up for the evenings Hospice Summer Fashion Show. I was able to nap in the car but I did feel for our designated drivers Fundraising Director, Cristiana & PR manager, Daniel who had to drive three hours at this ungodly time of the morning. We arrived to a cool, brisk morning by the seaside had a breakfast of cheese pies (like a potato cake or potato scallop for NSW-ites but filled with a Brie cheese). We then set out for the hotel for a brief staff meeting on expectations for the day.

Photo: Fashion show meeting.

We started by putting together all the goodie bags and sorting the clothing for the evening, then it was time to hit the streets with Izabela to put posters around the hotel and seaside. I was pleasantly surprised by the support of not only the Iaki Hotel, Mamia but also the neighbouring hotels and restaurants who allowed us to use their shop front windows to promote this fabulous event. The pathways and roadsides was a sea of green by the time we had finished.
We took a brief break for lunch and meet with the models before putting up the spider banner for the event – if you have never had the misfortune of trying to tackle on of these promotional boards, they are a four screen poster board, they use magnets and A LOT of sticky tape to keep them up – especially in the wind. Daniel, fortunately had the team under control in terms of instruction and it was completed in no time.

After having a small rest (curling up into a ball at 3pm from tiredness), Alice and I carted merchandise and equipment down the four flights of stairs, using the stairs as an opportunity to train for the upcoming Bucharest Marathon – I literally walked the stairs more than 20 times, I should have used my pedometer! (Watch this space for sponsorship opportunities.)
Then it all started…


I thought a pictorial time line would be better than me writing about it, and so ended a really enjoyable evening at the Hospice Summer Fashion Show.
We ended up by packing up and heading back to our respective accommodation which started a whole new adventure for Alice and I – we went to our apartment, lost our way, found our way, found our room (after ringing the doorbell of someone on the ground floor at 1.30am – I really am very sorry, I truly thought it was a light switch!!) and after fumbling with the lock (opening the bottom lock but finding that we were missing the key for the deadlock) we woke a very surprised Romanian lady living there! So it was a shock for her and us, we apologised profusely and I think she was amused by the situation from the fact that she didn’t slam her door in our faces. I really expected to be arrested by the police when we returned downstairs and out on the street. We managed to wake a kind receptionist at a nearby hotel and were relieved to finally be able to rest for the evening.
Woke up at 6am and we decided to do a short explore before we headed back – went to Casino, had breakfast (sharing the ham from my omelet with a local cat) and took many pictures on the way of local architecture.

Dani xx