Delivery Day

Remember when I went on my first field trip? That was to Gode, one of the areas in the Somali region where the people are Somali, speak the Somali language, and are predominantly Moslem. Well, as it turned out, since the drought has further affected the access to water in that area, the project has been extended. Now additional jerry cans have to be supplied. The green ones are for collecting water and the blue are for storage.

When I was in Gode, I observed kids collecting water from small streams using the green cans, loading up the cans onto their donkeys, and travelling to their villages. The water they collected was then treated and transferred into the blue cans for use in their homes.

So the trucks are now headed to Gode, loaded with jerry cans, water treatment tablets, soap, and educational materials.  The educational materials and soap are part of the hygiene programs that will resume when school starts in September.

Yes, good ole Diana Beauty Soap made in Ethiopia, gets to travel to Gode, Somali Region of Ethiopia where the population is predominantly Moslem. Take a look at the packaging, you marketers.  We care about packaging but these folks care only about what’s in the package.

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