Project HOPE August Update

Chuck Clark, Project HOPE Distribution Center Manager

Greetings from Project HOPE in Millwood, VA
Last week I had the opportunity to visit Project HOPE’s distribution center in Winchester, Virginia. The center is where donations are carefully arranged in sturdy cardboard containers before they are shipped to remote areas of the world to fight infectious and non communicable diseases.
The Project HOPE Distribution Center has several large stainless steel refrigeration units to protect the integrity of vaccines and other medicines with backup generators and gel packs to back up the generators in the event of a power failure. Project HOPE is able to utilize approximately 98% of their Gift-In-Kind donations. All medications are shipped with at least 12 months dating.
In addition to donated medicines, there were other medical supplies including wheel chairs and infusion chairs donated by Valley Health and other area health systems. The chairs were being meticulously refurbished, chrome was being polished and cushions were being re-stuffed. Chuck Clark, Distribution Center Manager explained that it is Project HOPE’s philosophy that anything the NGO ships to even the most destitute regions of the world must meet the highest standards.
We are currently editing my first letter to new Project HOPE Gift-In-Kind donors; I would like to thank Frank Sanders, GSK Marketing Director for his assistance. While working on my first marketing project with international implication, I am learning about the political sensitivities of some of the governments that participate in Project HOPE’s Strategic Medical Re-supply Program. The opportunity to talk to the “in country” volunteers and to receive more clarity around the issues will be extremely helpful. I am really looking forward to next month’s trip to The Republic of Macedonia.


  1. That’s really interesting that they send goods in the best possible condition- I’m sure the recipients get a sense of pride when they recieve shiny wheel chairs!

  2. I, too, am surprised to hear they refurbish all material prior to shipping. I did not know that. Do you have any data regarding recepients?

    1. Project HOPE’s Stategic Medical Re-Supply Program (Gift-In-Kind) has provided assistance to aproximately 900,000 patients in Kosovo, the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republic Srpska, Greece, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Albania since 2007.

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