Breaking Bread….

Another interesting week has flown by. More work on the database and time spent in Brasov. It really is a wonderful place to find respite from the summer heat.

A personal note: Got another tattoo this week to reflect the time spent at the hospice. ‘Pretuim fiecare clipa de viata’ written around my wrist. A reminder to live well and live every moment. Now this is not to say to do everything regardless of whether you want to or not, more making sure that you are true to yourself, your own desires and needs. I started riding a push scooter to and from work much to the amusement of the locals. I ate rich and tasty Italian food from a local restaurant. I drank beer and read novels in the evening. It was just what I needed as I am still not feeling 100% and it is nice just to chill and take it easy.



Hospice Activity: Went and visited a gypsy family during a home care visit this week. A little baby recovering from a congenital heart disorder. She was such a sweetie!! I was warned that she was very shy, having only ever been with family, but while the nurse was speaking to her mother, I started making basic hand movements to her, psych 101, and she was soon copying me and smiling when she mimicked the movements accurately. Bravo! Simple enjoyment for she and I.

I was fascinated by the family’s house and surroundings. In our society they would be seen to be exceptionally poor, living in little more than a shanty, but the basic family values give them a different type of wealth. They have each other and for that, they seem happy. I think having the hospice understand their unique needs is so important. Instead of forcing them into a situation where their daughter is hospitalized, they understand the want from the family to keep her at home for as long as they can while still providing quality medical care. (as well as donated clothes and toys!)

Wind down: Went to the salt mines near Brasov with the uk volunteers yesterday and marveled at the cathedral ceilings, the natural designs in the rock face of the cavern, the artwork and just being underground! Also visited the salt lake and mud baths where I opted to look after the bags in lieu of getting muddy. Sun bathing was divine. it was nice to soak up the rays and just relax.




Lessons learned: Early Sunday morning headed back to Bucharest to charge my phone and have lunch with a friend. At the station in Brasov, I encountered a small group of kids. Younger than my girls, dirty, skinny and obviously lacking base necessities and begging for any food or money. I contemplated just giving them one lei and sending them on their way but changed my mind quickly when I thought of strangers ignoring my children had they been in the same circumstance. So we had breakfast. Nothing fancy. Just fruit filled pastries and a bottle of water each but the smile and gratitude was enough to make it more than worthwhile (and for less than two australian dollars per head, how could i not?) The little girl out of the group came to me, smiled, patted her tummy and said, “full”. If I do nothing else of value today, I will be happy to know that this small act made a difference to someone.

Dani /x