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The inquires have been pouring in as to what the food is like in Ghana.  Well let me start by talking a little about the advances that have been made and the mainstay crops.  In the southern part of Ghana, about 80% of the planted area is under cocoa cultivation.  Many cultivate palm oil during the cocoa off-season.  Average maize yields have significantly increased.  The MVP agribusiness team recognizes the potential of these crops, and is helping to lift farmers out of poverty with proper production, management and market strategies.  They have also worked on strengthening farming cooperatives, in order to sell their surplus crops to regional buyers including the World Food Program.  With this, chronic malnutrition has begun to decline and more local farmers are donating a portion of these crops to the free school meal program.

The mainstay foods in Ghana include:  Fufu (pounded cassava and plantain or yam), Red…

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