A Concept Note Discussion

We’ve been contemplating the idea of initiating a feminine hygiene project.  When you get right down to it, it is not just a WASH project. There are many components. We talked about health, hygiene, education, sanitation and even the marketplace involvement. One area that most were reluctant to introduce into the discussion was the child protection element. I immediately asked that the head of that group be brought into the fold. Talking about taking risks, I wasn’t sure if they even heard me.

You see, in some areas, young girls travelling to school every day face multiple protection issues. They are sometimes abducted, molested, and in many instances, the latrines at their schools are shared with the boys allowing them no privacy. During their menstrual cycle or otherwise, these girls are at risk. Child protection plays an important role in our initiative and I felt the inclusion early on in the discussion would not only build leverage but was necessary in any discussion where children were concerned.I thought this inclusion would facilitate a concept note that was all inclusive for any donor’s interest.

A community-led total sanitation (CLTS) or school-led total sanitation (SLTS) are 2 forms of training that can be implemented.  As for the marketplace involvement, the vocational training centers in the area could design and provide the pads that can be used in the schools.

We have a narrow window and I have been charged with preparing the first part of the concept note.  Little did I know that I would be thrown into a discussion that was “all talk” just weeks ago. I guess they heard me. Talk about flexible thinking…