What a Week

My first week at my NGO has been a mixture of uncertainty, thrill and survival! I am at an NGO which works with the homeless people on the streets of Delhi. The Project assigned to me is to set up a Volunteer Program which involves designing a proper process, setting up a volunteer hub and organising training programs for their staff. I have spent the week travelling to all corners of Delhi (in extremely hot and humid conditions!!) visiting the 6 Centres that the NGO has, to assess (1) areas where volunteers could play a major role in reducing their resource requirements and (2) their own training needs. It’s been a hectic first week but one filled with wonder and amazement at the passion of the staff, their enthusiasm and dedication to reach out to those living in conditions which are unimaginable (will post pictures later). It has been a humbling experience and I am sure as I get more involved in their field activities in the coming weeks, it is going to only be more enriching!