Little Steps

After my 30 day PULSE review last week, I have been reflecting on my achievements to date with the project –

  • Small wins in terms of IT processes and overall objective progressing nicely
  • Volunteered at all fundraising events to date – a lot of hard work from the team for big results
  • English-speaking guide for new Children’s Hospice Site when UK volunteers came over to assist with clearing of pathways
  • Assisted with the Bucharest Summer Holiday Club
  • Ran a 4km race
  • Jumped in a cat suit (sounds funny when it is like that, not a big pink and cream fluffy thing) for a photo opportunity

And this not including the other parts of my role, where participation wasn’t so great, but in terms of information and understanding, I have learnt a great deal. ie. attendance at the 20th anniversary event.

I really feel very blessed, there has been some negative experiences – gastro, given a hard time over my pronunciation of Romanian words, being ripped off financially by taxi drivers, door people etc, however the good times have far outweighed the bad. I won’t be in contact with everyone I meet here forever and ever, but I know, by listening to their stories, having them trust me to share these elements of their lives is worth more than gold. I know that I have made some life long friends as well.

My goals for the next few months:

  • Obtain my VISA – urgent, urgent, urgent
  • Attend and assist the Brasov Holiday Club and then Summer Camp
  • Run a 10km race – If I can get 1000 pounds, I am determined to wear green Lycra (eww) and an Aussie flag as my cape. I’ll start up the web site soon, so start donating!!
  • Complete my IT project, finish the team’s intranet
  • Harass and hassle people for support – whether it be financial, volunteers, gifts for auction or hardware for IT (this has already begun!)
  • Spend some quality time with the patients and with their permission, start writing their stories.

Time seems to be flying – it seems like I have been here forever, and for not long at all, it is very surreal. Soon I will be back home and I wonder how I will feel, will I have changed to people around me? Will they seemed to have changed to me?


Dani xxx