Yuvaparivartan_Changing Lives of Underprivileged Youth of India

My 2nd and 3rd week at my NGO (Kherwadi Social Welfare Association –KSWA, Mumbai, India), was spent on the field trying to understand the various modes in which the organization is providing livelihood skills training to the underprivileged youth, through its Yuvaparivartan (Yuva = Youth, Parivartan = Change)  program. Please watch the video to see the impact it is making in changing lives of the youth.  Yuvaparivartan video_youtube

My first visit was to a tribal area “Jawar”, where KSWA runs 10 days mobile camp to train young girls and boys. While I was there a group of around 11 young boys were going through the electrical wiring and repairing training.

Group of boys learning how to repair a ceiling fan

I was told as part of their practical training they fixed fans at the neighbourhood of the training centre.

A student demonstrating his skills to wire a switchboard.

One of the reason I and my colleague from the NGO were visiting the vocational training centres was to see if we can use technology to remove physical and logistical issues for training, examining and certifying the students. Technology can be of great help, as the target is to move up from 100,000 to 400,000 students being provided with livelihood skills by end of next year.

We presented an iPad to the students to demonstrate their learning to us. To my surprise, the boys who have never seen a tablet or even used computers, adapted to technology without hesitation, rather there was a buzz around and they got hooked to it.


A student using iPad for electrical drawing and others keenly looking to participate

We visited few more centres in various places. My task is now to process map the training, examination and certification process, identify UDE’s and debottleneck. To plan and design an economical, efficient and scalable system to reach out to 400,000 youth and more around India.

Thanks to PULSE for this wonderful opportunity. To know what other GSK PULSE volunteers are doing visit https://gskpulsevolunteers.com/

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