crosul hospice incurajeaza alergatorii amatori sau incepatori si este dedicat bolnavilor incurabili pacienti Hospice Casa Sperantei

You are probably wondering what on Earth the title of my post is referring to. This was the blurb for Hospice Casa Sperantei’s Fun Run/Marathon that took place last weekend  it loosely means – Hospice of Hope amateur runners supporting terminally ill patients.

My name is Dani Nicholls, I am employed by GSK Australia and currently serving as a GSK PULSE volunteer with Hospice Casa Sperantei in Romania.

Hospice Casa Sperantei is a wonderful NGO whose aim is to assist palliative care patients with free medical, psychological and spiritual assistance through the most difficult time of their life. The Hospice have sites in Romania, Serbia and Moldova. My role with them over the next six months is as database specialist – improving their current fundraising database to assist them with reporting and audit requirements. My secondary objective is to assist with fundraising events – which is a lot of fun, as are the team I am working with. This may seem odd, given the task they are given and the serious nature of their business, but as their motto is “We cherish every moment of life”, they are determined to encourage everyone to live each moment to the fullest, not to take a second for granted.

How wonderful is that?!

Last week I had the privilege of working at the Hospice in Brasov. Even though all the patients are suffering from terminal or life-limiting illness, the staff fill their hearts with such joy. I was amused to watch three wheel chair bound children playing a game of chasey around the garden. It took me a while to notice the wasted body, legs and feet of one child, I was so focused on the pure happiness that filled his face.

With that image in mind, I took on the four km fun run on the weekend. I am by no means a runner, so this was a huge challenge, but with such a fantastic cause how could I refuse? I am sore today, but so happy with the achievement. I am now working towards a ten kilometre run in August/September and aiming for sponsorship of around AUD$1,000 which would cover a nurse’s salary for one month AND allow the care teams to make five personal visits to patients in their home during a month.

I will keep you updated on the details.

la revedere


Marius completed the 10km, Dani the 4km