Week 1, Day 3: Knowledge is Cyber Power!

Here I sit with my new friend and colleague Cliff! We are learning how to post blog entries; creative colleague collaboration at its best. Cliff claims to be a novice blogger, but I’ll bet that this amateur will grow into an expert in a matter of cyber-days. His iPhone is already full of photos from day 1 and 2 ripe for the postin’!

So…ladies and gentleman may I present to you the first picture ever posted by Cliff on a blog!

With all the clicking, creativity, and collaboration he’s practiced today, the “C” in his initials doesn’t just stand for Cliff anymore.  He’s now an armed and dangerous super Cyber-power!  Keep on the look out for his own blog to start!

And not to worry Cliff, once your iPhone library runs out if you feel short on content, you can always just blog about blogging….