Do not disturb!

The open work space setting has its challenges. With people constantly walking around, talking on the phone, and sometimes distracting one’s concentration with random conversations may require the occasional use of an IPod with a headset to minimize the ‘white noise’. We’re all guilty of one of these offenses, and other times, we are the so-called victim.

If you’re sharing an 8×10 room with 3 others, multiple conversations in another language, either on the phone or with casual company occurring while you’re trying to finish an assignment can put a twist on your focus.  Sometimes other parties may enter into your shared 8×10 ‘open space’, join into the conversations, and before you know it, you’re the only one not participating; not because you’re being unsociable, but because, you’re the only one that doesn’t chat  in the language.  So, you get to your feet and proceed as if you’re in concert with what you think are frivolities. Suddenly, the people who are chatting glance at you and instantly begin to speak in your language because they can.

If it becomes necessary for your team to hold a meeting and you decide to use your 8×10 space, you’d better close the door so that no one enters. If that doesn’t work, you put up a sign. By George, it was like magic! No interruptions, no knockings, no distractions and your team appreciate you for it!

You just have to observe the dynamics and work the room. It worked for today.


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