A man on wheelchair @ Paraplegic Foundation can inspire millions

As a part of the PULSE initiative, I am volunteering with Paraplegic Foundation (PF) & helping them in improving their operational efficiency. The motto of the PF is to achieve transformative change among people with disabilities enabling the community to lead a life of dignity and opportunity. The time I am spending here, feels like nothing I could have ever imagined…it is wonderful beyond imagination!!

Personally, I am inspired by people with special abilities, few such people I am working with in the PF office as well. Most of all, I am inspired by their zest for life, positive outlook and enjoying every moment for what it is today.

There are moments which have left indelible imprints in my mind & one such experience is interacting with an accountant, Rajendra Bhai & knowing about him was very touching & inspiring.

Rajendra’s tragic journey began at the age of three years, when the monster called polio engulfed his both legs & rendered him severely disabled & his destiny didn’t allow him to continue his schooling beyond 10th standard. Like many, his circumstances forced him to search for a job. Rajendra started working in Paraplegic foundation as a helper in workshop, soon he realised the importance of education & decided to continue his study but for many people like Rajendra, education is a daydream. They have to choose between stomach & classroom, but despite the hardship, he decided to work in a day time & study in college at night. That wasn’t at all easy for him to climb up & down from his fourth floor room as a toddler & to travel another 10 miles from his tricycles after completing day’s exhaustive work but he did, he completed his graduation in Commerce stream & well deservingly promoted to work as accountant here. But sometime we forget that cruelty of destiny knows no boundary, one fine morning his only child succumbed to fatal brain haemorrhage, the brutal news blown away his mind & shattered him into pieces. But he is not an ordinary mortal soul like us, he was determined to face the ordeal and conquer over the challenges life offers every time, soon he joined the accounting software “Tally” learning classes & mastered it within few months. To my simple question, what keeps you so motivated? His answer is “if there is a life, there will be challenges & I have only determined not to surrender but to overcome & being handicapped is just a state of mind to me”. Hats off to your zeal for life Rajendra Bhai & salute to paraplegic foundation for inculcating such an attitude.