As I read the blogs that my pulse teammates write it occurs to me what a great opportunity we have to help others and learn new skills. The interesting goals may not have presented themselves prior to the pulse partnership.  I used some of my vacation like others to catch up on things around the house prior to leaving.  The break however, also gave me time to reflect on the importance of helping others.  My assignment is with GreenTreks Networks Inc. www.greentreks.tv .  I will be based in Philadelphia PA. The GPO produces videos dealing with the environment.  My position incorporates marketing and communication for their important films.  I will be working with school systems and businesses in Pennsylvania.  This opportunity may only present itself once or twice in a life time.  I chose to pursue and accept it now in my career because I sincerely feel I can help others gain a better understanding of the environment.  I also would like to help GSK show our team mates the benefits of volunteering.  If you would like to follow my blog please add www.avdavey1pulse.wordpress.com to your favorite list.