Learning in London

Hello everyone!  I’m here in London,  getting ready for my deployment to South Africa on Sunday for my PULSE assignment to make a sustainable difference with Project HOPE- UK and the Thoughtful Path Program.  A little history, Project HOPE- US was started back in 1958 by a physician who believed there was a way to empower people in developing countries by training the doctors who work in them so that they can take that knowledge and continue to treat the patients in their own communities. Project HOPE-UK started 18 years ago and has taken that same passion and improved the health of children in poor communities in thirty countries worldwide.  Today, they specifically are focusing on the health and wellbeing of orphans and vulnerable children in Munsieville, South Africa located about an hour outside Johannesburg.

A fun fact about the area… did you know The Cradle of Human Kind is located near Munsieville?  You ask, “What is the Cradle of Human Kind?”  Well, it’s an area that has produced a large number, as well as some of the oldest, hominid fossils ever found, some dating back as far as 3.5 million years ago.  It’s a powerful and special place just like the people who live there now.

This week I have learned more about my role as a community development consultant, met my team (pictured here) and have even had a chance to see a bit of England.  Seems ironic but I was able to visit oneImage of the most prestigious areas here in the UK.  The Project HOPE- UK team toured the Windsor Castle where Queen Elizabeth was actually staying (flag signifying her presence).  I also visited Eton which is home to the college prep school Prince William and Prince Harry attended.  I will soon be in the polar opposite situation, working and helping some of the poorest people in the world.  There is a big challenge ahead of me but I’m inspired and excited to make a difference and truly give back.

I look forward to sharing more once I get on the ground.  Thank you for all of your support!