So the Journey Begins….

I have arrived in New Orleans, LA and of course, the weather is fine!!  I am here to volunteer with the St Bernard Project, a non-governmental organization that builds homes for residents who were affected by Katrina and the Oil Spill.  I will serve as their Marketing Consultant for 6 months!!

Looking for an apartment in New Orleans has been quite an adventure.  I ended up taking a fantastic tour of the French Quarter and have now come to love Canal Street, as I had to use this wonderful street to navigate to a potential apartment.  The streets in New Orleans are labeled in an interesting fashion.  If a street crosses an intersection, it has one name for a right turn and a different name for a left turn.  This was finally made clear to me as I called the apartment complex (for the third time) and exclaimed:  THERE IS NO ROYAL STREET!!  Once I got the street names settled, it was a piece of cake.  So, as I was already in the French Quarter, I decided to take a little tour.  There were, of course, many restaurants and bars, but in the day time, it’s almost sedate with foot-traffic.

So next I decided to go get some groceries.  This jaunt was very interesting.  I took a wrong turn (as is becoming my habit!!) and had an opportunity to cross the mighty Mississippi!!  It is vast!!  Here they have roads called Cross-Overs- for people who are going in the wrong direction.  I took one of the cross-overs and headed back to land!!  But all was not lost- I found the Mall (MACY’S and DILLARD’S) and a nice theater I plan to visit.

I noticed something about me today- I am bravely going where I would never think I would go!!  Without concern or panic, I an navigating these New Orleans streets and even when lost, going with the flow!!  When you are in the mist of uncertainty, take a breath, look at your surrounding, gather needed information, and know that there’s probably a turn just ahead that will get you on the right track!! 

Change #1- Enjoy the moment even when you feel you’ve lost your way, because something wonderful can come from every situation in which you find yourself!!