Heading for Nairobi

Today was my last day working at GSK in Zebulon for 2012. It was definitely weird to say “see you next year!” to everyone as I left. I have an amazing group of co-workers and I will miss them quite a bit while I’m in Kenya. Everyone wished me luck, told me to be safe, to avoid being eaten by any cheetahs, and have fun. Sounds like reasonable advice for the trip.

I was also blessed with a nice thick packet of information from Vanessa, a 2011 PULSE volunteer. Vanessa was also based in Nairobi and worked with VSO while there. She gave me all sorts of people to contact and a great list of things to do. Best advice: do something every weekend because it will fly by. I am building quite a list of people to contact when I am there. At least I don’t feel like I’ll be isolated anymore!

In 8 days I leave for Kenya and will be there for 6 months working with AMREF. There are 6 of us working with AMREF in Nairobi this year on various assignments. It will be nice to have other PULSE volunteers there as a support group. I will be in the AMREF laboratory helping to improve their quality programs so they can become accredited in the future. It should be an exciting and challenging 6 months. I can’t wait to get started.

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