So, the application process for PULSE started back in January.  I had to write more than a couple of application essays along with a two hour online application as well as submitting my resume.  I really wanted to get into the program, but when I hit the “Submit” button to turn in the final draft of my application, I really never imagined it would bring me to the moment of saying….

I am going to Africa!!

I heard from Global Pulse a week after pressing that button…… my application was being passed on to the next round.  It was a Friday in the end of January and I remember being on top of the world!  I still had months to go before I would actually hear that I was accepted into the program, but I managed to at least make it through the first round of eliminations.

When you apply, you do not apply for a place, but just the program itself….. meaning I could have gone anywhere in the world to work for a non-profit.  My options seemed endless:

Kenya, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Ethiopia, the UK, Tanzania, India, Vietnam, South Africa, Egypt, Honduras, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Nicaragua, Ghana, Switzerland, Uganda, Canada, Romania, Netherlands…..

Though the day I found out that I was being progressed passed the first round, I had a feeling I was going to go somewhere in Africa.  A few hours after I read the “Congratulations” email, I walked into Doylestown for lunch….. a walk that I have done many times.  This day, I passed by a store window, but then turned around to look at the poster in the window:

I read the poster and smiled and kept walking……. and then…. that is when I kinda got the chills…. There was a new store in Doylestown right next to the store with the Africa poster and it just so happened to be called Pulse:

So, it was a sign… literally….. and from that point on when I talked to anyone about the program….. I just said, I know I am going to Africa!!  I am not sure what I believe when it comes to all of this stuff, but I really think the universe was giving me some sort of insight into the future!!  Cause guess what?!

I am going to Africa!!


  1. I feel your enthusiam coming off of the page!! Much fortune and your assignment seems “meant to be!!”

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