94 GSK employees will work with 52 NGO Partners across the world in 2012!

In May 2012, PULSE assigned 94 GSK employees to work on assignments identified by 52 different non-profit and NGO Partners across the world.  This is in addition to 196 Volunteers who were placed on assignments from 2009 to 2011. Together, these volunteers come from 33 countries and have worked in 49 countries.  

Each year PULSE invites applications from GSK employees globally, empowering them to develop their leadership capabilities and GSK behaviours while volunteering with a non-profit organisation, full-time for a period of three to six months.  

PULSE Volunteer Partnership gives individuals inside GSK the opportunity to spend time working with communities in need around the world, returning to GSK with a fresh external perspective to help make a significant impact to the business.  In a recent employee broadcast GSK’s CEO, Andrew Witty described PULSE : It is a great personal opportunity for individuals to experience something different in life, something which gives them the opportunity to recharge their batteries intellectually and emotionally and to open their mind to what is going on and to view things a different way. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for NGOs to get skills.” 

We wish our new cohort of volunteers the best for their PULSE assignments!

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