September 20

Journey of Abuja through Photo’s


Going on an International food fest on a home assignment in London

  Started on a Danish feast, the lovely pastries and rye bread toasties!

September 21

As a Business Analyst and IT Project Manager, I am…

  What project are you currently working on?   This is probably the question most of you want to ask me.  Maybe I should have answered this earlier but I didn’t because I needed time to gain a deep and proper understanding of their work practices and pain points.  As the analysis phase is almost done […]

September 20

Socks with stars for Dynamo Cultivation event

Socks with stars for Dynamo Cultivation event ….A territory that doesn’t know Dynamo ….An audience quite unknown ….A new location to be used ….A new experience of catering for buffet Many the question marks for this day named “Cultivation event” that every year is organized in order to educate on Dynamo reality and talk about […]

September 20

A journey from Islamabad to Abuja Nigeria

At last I start to write my 1st blog, back in 2002 or 03 when pulse has started, from that day I intend to apply. Once I had discussed with my manager, he directed me to achieve some other essential objectives, so I seemingly get engage myself to achieve my those objectives . The time […]

September 20

Baby Shower – Wish you a successful delivery, Mercy!

It has been almost 4 weeks since I arrived. Meanwhile, I’ve completed all the mandatory trainings required for Save the Children staffs, participated in a few meetings, reviewed several reports, and summarized the proposals I’ve reviewed. Also, I made a plan for what and how I can contribute during my stay. My stomachache is completely […]

September 19

First Blogging through My Pulse Journey.

My journey to Bangalore, India Now it is time for blogging through my PULSE Volunteer Partnership 2017 assignment.  I am based in Saudi Arabia as an Executive Medical Representative.My PULSE assignment is for six months in Bangalore working for Leonard Cheshire Disabilities (LCD). It has always been my passion to help people through supporting community. […]

September 15

On the way home –

As I write this, Summer is coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere and for most of the folks on PULSE here in Nigeria will or have already begun their mid-trips home. This time reminds me of the song ‘On the Way Home’ by John Mayer.  A few years ago I got to see […]

September 13

September 11

September 11, 2001 is a day many of us will never forget. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the unbelievable news of the twin towers. The feeling that came over me is also one I will never forget. Fast forward, September 11, 2017, another day I will […]

September 12

Earthquake´s Feelings!

I was preparing my second blog to talk about Ciudad de Mexico and all long experiences lived since I came. It has been a lot experiences but I have decided to change it due to the earthquake that happened last Thursday 7th of September. How can explain what happened here? Mexico has suffered the most […]

September 12

Life in Abuja, Nigeria

I have been in Nigeria for more 2 months now. And in less than a week I will be back in France for a week off. These 2 months passed quickly, even if sometimes during free time there is nothing to do…. Here, the time seems suspended. I rediscovered the time, as I was a […]

September 12

Going West – Far West: Part 1 – Top Gear Challenge

So as promised and slightly overdue, here is the first instalment on my trip to the Far West. For those of you who studied the map from my last post you will know that the country is split into 5 regions: Eastern, Central (where Kathmandu is), Western, Mid-Western and Far Western. A few weeks ago, […]

September 11

Remember Workshops for the first time

JEN★My first Workshop in June   I participated in ae workshop with student of AUW※1 ,then we discussed gender gap in the world and good organization. Also, I joined an another workshop as a PR staff about thinking media strategy. It is my first experience because in GSK I am responsible for clinical trials operations, […]

September 11

Remembrance from the road 9/11

This is a shorter blog than most but felt I had to share – I’m over 7k miles from home and currently in Lagos for work and people greet me and their first words after introductions – I’m sorry for your loss – then it hits me – they may be remembering fellow Americans that […]

September 10

The Rise Of Eminyeeto !

After the formation of the new Eminyeeto group, on 24 July, 2017, consisting of 10 women, we started off with the training process with the help of our super talented Bakery manger Christine Faith Aboth (TINA). Being a thorough professional, Tina was ready with the ingredient card for each woman so that they could get familiar with […]