Let’s give access to healthcare products in rural areas!

Having another day of work at Live Well…well, it starts with the warehouse, or storeroom (should be the most appropriate word) where I discovered how the team receives the products, classifies them, registers them… I helped my new colleague Isaac in filling out the Stock Demand Forms, the Good Receipt Notes and so on. Then, the […]

First of many

This is my first blog – ever, so will keep it short, also, if you are going to comment, please be kind.   A close friend of mine planted the seed of the Pulse program a few years ago when she said “You should do that, you would be great at it”  So, some 4 […]

And so it begins…..

The butterflies are beginning to dissipate.  The feelings of anxiety and doubt are gradually being replaced by unbridled excitement and anticipation!  I am boarding a flight to LA to Tokyo to Hanoi in about 36 hours!  Total flight time is around 25 hours! I have many books and movies downloaded to help me pass the time, […]

June 27

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 1: From A (application) to Z (Zambia)

I think the theme of the first PULSE blog is similar. We are all filled with trepidation, concerns, fear even. It is significant to change so much, so quickly. This is my take on the journey to day one. So, rewind. We applied in January, and it was a pretty gradual process over a few […]

June 26

My Adventures in Mohales Hoek

“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.” — Dan Brown Before I get into my trip to the mountains, I wanted to share with you some words and phrases I’ve been learning in Sesotho.  I am super lucky to have an awesome roommate in the CHAI house Thatohatsi (Thato for […]

June 26

Absurd and Amusing Airport Anecdotes

“Laugh at yourself, so that you will be able to laugh at the challenges of life.” Savitha Hosamane On June 17th I began my journey from Canada to Lesotho.  I consider myself to be well travelled.  Maybe not as much as some, but I know my way around airports.  I’ve also on occasion travelled on […]

June 26

First day working as a volunteer

How can I summarize this first work day at Live Well, Lusaka (Zambia)? AMAZING…. Yes, it might be the good word! The best induction day ever maybe?! We started directly our first day by attending the weekly staff meeting. We brought some chocolates and biscuits from home to share. People were so lovely, always with a great […]

June 25


Taking it in…

June 24

Philly to the Philippines

I feel like I should introduce myself…. My name is Danielle Branch and I’m not a blogger. You’ve been warned:) Please note the following may occur: rambling and internal conversations random thoughts and opinions occasional bad grammar and misspelled words sarcasm and humor  I want this blog to be 100% authentic Danielle, which isn’t perfect. […]

June 24

Dynamica e presto…DynAMICA

 Introduction One week before leaving and a new chapter of my life will start…. The time over the last months run so fast that I hadn’t the chance to realize and think about my next step. Now it is time to be prepared for the departure: pack my staff, leave my family, my husband and […]

June 23

Time to go!

Today is the big day… ! Time to fly to Zambia! I feel excited and full of energy… and moreover, not alone… I will join my future co-volunteer from GSK Montrose and we feel already so much connected, that is the BEAUTY of GSK network across the world! We received our planning for the next […]

June 21

New adventure awaits – see you later Britain!

This is my first attempt at writing a blog so I’ll try to keep it short. I find this surreal that in less than 24 hours I will be in a continent I have never visited before, to start a 6 month journey in the unknown. ‘If you want something you’ve never had, you must […]

June 20

Time is the greatest gift

GSK PULSE volunteer partnership* seemed like a distant dream for me although this idea was planted years ago. “There will never be a best timing for PULSE.  Every year we will always have different priorities. You just go ahead and chase your dream and we will support you!”  This was the conversation I had between […]

June 19

A single raindrop….

As I have been preparing to go on a 6 month GSK Volunteer assignment in Rwanda called “PULSE” strangely enough I began to think of myself as a raindrop. A single raindrop doesn’t matter much but it can evoke strong emotions: anticipation of a cooling rain, disappointment that the rain is coming and might ruin […]

bags packed June 17

A New Chapter

Preparing for the Philippines