citrus-sap-gsk2 October 26

PIH/SAP/GSK Featured at UN Conference –Robin in Rwanda #5

This is an update on an earlier post about  one of my assignments at PIH/IMB.  The GSK PULSE team joined forces with SAP (German Software company, similar to Microsoft) and their Social Sabbatical team to solve one of PIH/IMB’s (Partners in Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima) technology challenges. This is the first time two corporate volunteer teams have […]

eels October 26

Texture Issues

When I look back on my life I really do feel sorry for my mom in some ways.  The biggest one is my texture issues with food.  To say I am finicky is a bit of understatement.  Mind you not to tastes of foods but the texture and consistency of them.  My mom basically said […]

img_0543 October 26

Chapter 3: Be the change you wish to see

“In between a place called history and destiny, you discover life has prepared you for greater. All of your experiences, coupled with trials and triumph, demonstrate resilience.  You suddenly realize that one defining moment, one supporting voice, one courageous move sets you apart from others.  You transform into a trailblazer and blossom into a better […]

1 October 25

Chapter 2: Teamwork makes dream work!

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” was recently brought to life when 55 GSK volunteers from across the US came together for an Orange Day at East Durham Children’s Initiative.   How it all got started… EDCI is in the fifth year of implementation. Known for their mission to “create a pipeline […]

‘The Pink Ribbon’

Awareness ribbons are common and in different forms which include car magnets, windshield stickers, or pins on our clothes. They are meant to show support to the world for a certain cause or organization. Commonly used ribbon colours include pink, yellow, red, blue, green, black and purple. Pink is most commonly associated with breast cancer  awareness. but […]

drawing October 25

Temporary Education Centers for Syrians under Temporary Protection

Save the Children gives a joint effort with the Turkish authorities to convey people their basic human rights who forcefully trying to remain in the country. Because of their special condition, since they are asylum-seekers, youngsters who are at school age need a privileged education, as they couldn’t enroll into Turkish Education System due to language barriers.

a-dog-and-his-ball October 24

Differing Priorities

It starts with a nuzzle, then a pet then a look into the eyes. She is not pretty. Evidence of a hard life is literally etched into her emaciated body. Hip bones and ribs protrude from thinning charcoal fur. Scars from past battles over food and territory litter sagging skin. She smells of sewage, is […]

???????????????????????????????????? October 23

Chapter 2. “This is Africa and also…..THIS IS AFRICA (TIA)”

I´d like to keep talking to you about my experience in Ghana, I thought it could be useful to have something that could come with us during all the story, like a nexus….one sentence for each chapter, doesn’t  looks bad…. In the first post, I spoke about the expression “do not cross the bridge till […]

LW Agents October 23

Lusaka: my first month

      (Kind of) Brief Introduction For those who don’t know, I will be in Zambia for 6 months as a GSK Pulse Volunteer. Pulse is a GSK’s skills-based volunteering initiative: through Pulse motivated employees are matched to a non-profit organisation where their skills are needed to help solving healthcare challenges.  This year, all Pulse […]

img_3200 October 21

Time of Our Lives

I am more than half way through my PULSE assignment and I was allowed and encouraged to take time off. Federica (the PULSE volunteer from Italy) and I decided to travel around Uganda.  We were so blessed to find a kind, Christian tour guide named Alex, Great Hills Tours and Travel LTD and see […]

the convention centre October 21

Rwanda’s rainy season has arrived..

Rainy season has arrived!   The rain storms are crazy, thunder and lightning but thankfully they are usually fairly short with some blue skies and sunshine in between.  Temperatures are a little cooler and Rwanda is looking lush and green. My assignment is coming together.   I’ve been working with the M&E team at Jhpiego on the […]

img_08881 October 21


Last night during my evening workout I reflected while on the trend mill , two things occupied my thoughts: Proud– Proud is a GSK theme song that energizes me every time I hear it. Basically the central theme is “What have you done today to make you feel PROUD?” Change – One of the core […]

phillyfeast October 20

I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way … (Whitney Houston)

Yes I now just put that song in your head probably all day – #sorrynotsorry. You may have seen pictures in my blog before of her but I want you to meet Priscilla and get ready to be amazed by her just like I am! Priscilla and the #GetHypePhilly kids are leading the way to a healthier Philly. […]

DCIM100GOPROGOPR3113. October 20

Bangkok 3.0

Last month, I was invited to GSK Consumer Healthcare Thailand to share my PULSE journey. Again, I am so proud and excited for being the 1st PULSE volunteer from GSK Consumer Healthcare SEA. I think I can be a good example for more people to apply for this program. Two popular questions from the floor; Are you still getting your salary and […]

img_20161013_090308 October 19


Svakom tow vott angkor khettasiemrab (Welcome to Angkor wat, Siem Reap, the world’s largest religious building) Who does not want vacation?…Its me…rightly so as I was in the thick of my project. We submitted the study documents to the People’s committee of Yen Bai province (my study site) and were awaiting the approval to begin […]