March 20

Back to Blighty!

I am writing this a little behind schedule as I have been back in the UK for a few weeks now and the shock is just about wearing off.  Although I am still not used to the supermarkets…why do we need so many options?! As I settle down into the madness of the West – […]

February 27

My visit to Philippines Foundation Inc (LCDPFI) General Santos (Jensen) & Tacurong – Part 2

December 12th – 14th Visit to General Santos, Philippines After a very busy schedule in Quezon City and completing my tasks, myself and part of the LCDPFI Team flew to General Santos (Jensen). I attended the Partners’ Conference with so many individuals from various professions, some of the individuals who attended were Persons with some […]

February 22

LivingWell in Zambia, chapter 11: lasting impact

One of the biggest challenges for a PULSE participant is trying to make permanent changes in the organisation you’re supporting. What happens when you leave? Because we were told many PULSE assignments struggle to have longevity, this was something I was conscious of and considered during my work. To my surprise, eight weeks after returning […]

February 19

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

Any journey begins with the first step and after 14 months (application through field based), here I am at the end of my PULSE assignment. It is so hard to believe that what started more than a year ago, is finishing.  I do not think of it as ending as much as a beginning for […]

February 16

Vietnam, Vang Vieng and Visiting COPE

Blog number 4 and I’m almost at the end of my time here in Laos – it feels so surreal now, I have already started re-entry calls with the PULSE team and my manager talking about my return. It is coming to an end : ( So, before I get all maudlin about my pending […]

February 08

Post #4: Faces behind my flip-chart

I’m not publishing many blogs but I think it is a good time to make an update. I started my assignment participating in the Organizational Assessment and it was a very good way to understand about the organization’s improving opportunities and define my objectives based on them. Then, I went to a trip to Marsabit: […]

February 06

Observations on Healthcare – making a difference

As I begin the final days of my assignment with Malaria Consortium, I wanted to take some time to provide a high-level overview of healthcare in Nigeria. One of my goals whilst on PULSE was to enhance my understanding of the healthcare landscape in my host country. Whilst my assignment did not have me visiting […]

February 04

Ending and New Beginnings

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”                                                                  ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Transitions always bring some level of […]

February 02

Making the humanitarian fibre resonate

Thanks to GSK Global Pulse Volunteer program, I could discover and grow a new piece of myself. The journey started with the application process. An idea that was buried deep inside to me pushed me to make the step and apply. It triggered quite a lot of very interesting discussions in the family and finally […]

February 01

End of PULSE journey; starting a new ME!

Now is the rainy season in Singapore; as it is wet and slightly cold, it is a perfect day to clear and arrange my thoughts for 2018.  I am overwhelmed with all the changes and new information. At times, I feel like I am standing at the beach during the high tides.  Before you know […]

January 29

My visit to Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation Inc (LCDPFI) Quezon City, Manila – Part 1

7th December – 15th December 2017 Has it ever happened to you? Arriving at your destination only to discover that your baggage is missing? I arrived Manila capital city of the Philippines, with my colleage Sridhar after a long 10 hour flight via Kuala Lumpur (KL) on 7th December (Bangalore>KL>Manila) and to our disappointment our […]

January 27

Tionana Neno

As I sit here on my homeward bound flight I cannot believe my 6 months in Malawi is now over – I know people said it would pass quickly but really ……..😟 I am feeling so many emotions, sadness at leaving all the new friends I have made, gratitude for all they have shown me […]

January 26

Managing emotions from a life-changing experience in Africa upon return to Europe: how to reset priorities in front of Europeans’rush and pressure at work?

Being back to Europe, back to a closed office with another pace at work and in drastic climate conditions changes is a real challenge after more than 6 months volunteering experience in Africa. I was feeling a kind of “freedom” when I was in Africa, why? Free from a closed office with a great chance […]

January 26

A Santa Clause in January

Upon receipt of the generous boxes from colleagues in GSK Korea including donations from individuals, I wanted to give them to the MOST NEEDED, not just any kid. With the help of my colleagues working on the KMC programmes who knows a lot about babies and children in poor condition, we decided to visit Pumwani […]

January 25

I, Muzungu

A new Perspective Blog #3 As we welcome the new year and the inevitable resolutions, I find myself at the mid-point of my PULSE Assignment in East Africa.  It would be unfair not to pause, reflect and find words (and images) in an attempt to share insights of my journey to date in this amazing […]