October 23

Syrian Refugee camp in Jordan

  Japanese follows Today’s theme is “To be honest, I was an ignorant. What did I realize in a Syrian refugee camp?”. Could you imagine that you have to keep living in this refugee camp for years and years? Could you imagine that you may not be able to go back your hometown? I have […]

October 23

Lightening up lives – Diwali

Before moving to Abuja for this six-month long assignment, every Pulse volunteer attended the Pulse orientation program. It is an exceptionally well designed interactive course that gave us a flavour of what to expect during our assignment, both personally and professionally.  During the orientation, the emotional curve was mentioned i.e. the emotional index whilst people […]

October 22

Hugging the Road

It is been a while and finally we are hugging the road for our first oxygen commodities installation in Kaduna state. The installation has been delayed due to the Hurricane Harvey in the USA. The tropical storm Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005, […]

What do you do at the time of emergency for your child?

PFA あなたは、緊急時の子どもに、どのように接しますか?緊急時とは、災害や戦争などだけではありません。子ども自身が大けがをしたり、周りの人が大けがをしたり被害にあったりしたときも、子どもにとっては緊急時です。セーブ・ザ・チルドレンでは、子どもは0歳から18歳までと定義しています。それぞれの年齢で、外にでてくる反応は異なります。 PFA(Phychological First Aid) 緊急下の子どもの心のケア「子どもの心理的応急措置」 PFAの行動原則は、「見る:Look」「聴く:Listen」「つなぐ:Link」 私もPFAの1日講習を受講し、資格をとりました。これで、緊急時には、ボランティアとして子どものケアができる・・・ことにはなりました。 What do you do at the time of emergency for child? ” Emergency” is not only at disaster but also at thetime of acccident.   We say “Children” is the age from 0year to 18year.  At the time emergency, the responce of children vary according to age. PFA is Phychological […]

The turn of my motivation

  My journey in PULSE program is “home country” without move.  I just work at different office in Japan, after working I must do  child rearing and household as mother. As there is not big change in my life, I didn’t write my blig until now. I cannot report  a major discovery, but i would […]

October 22

Far West: Part 2

In Western female society, we’re used to hearing the crazy, terrifying and sometimes humorous birthing stories of our friends – days of labour, emergency C-sections, husbands pulling out smelly food in the delivery suite – kebab anyone?! But even in the midst of the most difficult births there is the presence of highly qualified staff […]

October 22

Journey along the road – Abuja Nigeria

           Life in Nigeria – Abuja Anyone who knows me, knows I collect pins from all the countries I’ve ever travelled. This one is as special as all the others – I just asked a guard outside the compound to Federal High Court – they were more than willing to pass it along when they […]

October 22

Netball in Malawi 🇲🇼

Sorry I have not posted for a while as time seems to pass so quickly here before you know it another week has gone and it seems my time is well filled – I am not sure what with!! This post is all about my exciting foray into Malawian netball.  For those of you who know […]

October 19

I Don’t Like Feet

Cliché, yes, but true nonetheless, time does pass by so very quickly. I’ve only 8 weeks left to go! I continue to enjoy my work with PATH and the camaraderie with my colleagues here, and I revel in the fact that I am learning every day, especially about myself. So what have I learned about […]

October 17

Post #3 – Pray to rain can’t not be the only action – Please help!

On Oct 6th, I went to visit one institution that is part of the NGO I’m working for and they are about to lose all the vegetables they have cultivated because they are having problem with the water system. They are collecting water from one neighbor for the primary necessities only. This institution supports 38 […]

October 17

Let‘s start the music!

“Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you”. African proverb Esta tercera semana ha marcado un nuevo tempo, han llegado el resto de los compañeros de GSK con los que compartiré los próximos 6 meses de una forma u otra, he empezado a empaparme en los […]

October 16

The Nigeria I saw

What comes to mind when you hear Nigeria? Lagos? Oil? Crime? Corruption? Well, that’s not surprising. However, allow me to introduce you to the Nigeria I saw. Before I do that though, I will shamefully admit that until I experienced and explored Nigeria, the things that would have come to my mind would’ve been Boko […]

October 15

Natures Beauty Pictures

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” — John Ruskin I took advantage of Independence Day in Lesotho on Oct 04 to visit Cape Town and Namibia.  I wanted to share with you the beautiful sites I saw.  Africa is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever […]

October 14

The road less traveled –

It has almost been a month since my last blog. Whilst I am based in Abuja my assignment has me auditing for the Malaria Consortium and I have been traveling around the country.  Just as when I was in Mozambique and traveled there – here in Nigeria I have done the same and that is […]

October 13

4th blog: Cassia Seed, ケツメイシ, 決明子,

This picture was taken at Oudong where had been ex-capital city in Cambodia from 1618 to 1866 (older history than Angkor Wat). When you stand on this point, you can feel that you could see all over the Cambodia. I stood there and felt like “this city saw all of Cambodia.” By the way, some […]