December 22

Remembering Our Purpose

I’ve never experienced such a full range of emotions as I have in the last 4-weeks. From pure joy to deep sadness; feeling grateful to feeling bitter; being angry about social injustice then being in awe with the determination to make it right. On November 21st I received a care package with a sweet note […]

December 17

Life is never fair, and perhaps that’s a good thing?

Last pages of the Vanuatu chapter. A place where everything and everyone was foreign to me and then suddenly comes a time of saying goodbye to places and people that have grown on you and shaped you. While some days here felt like never-ending (at the start), the six months feel like six weeks. Somewhere […]

December 11

The Last One…

Time flies.  When I left Toronto for DC, six months seemed so daunting.  I’ve written about this before, but I don’t really remember the first two weeks…just bits and pieces.  Just like the goat, it was a leap of faith and I had to tell myself that yes, this is fine.  I’m fine.  And then […]

December 05

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I’m going to admit from the start that this post is self-serving.  I have been with GSK for over 2 decades and I know the company is not perfect.  There are corporate frustrations inherent at GSK, just as there are inherent frustrations in any large company.   However, I believe GSK deserves credit where credit is […]

November 16

Do Good, Feel Better

Many moments to share with you! The leaves of Barretstown Castle show the time that has passed since I arrived. Lovely months that have taught me that nothing should be taken for granted, that you can help colleagues in many ways and that you always have to be grateful. August 2019 vs November 2019 (as […]

November 14

And just like that, November is here | Y en un abrir y cerrar, llegó Noviembre.

A journey of values and self growth. Un recorrido de valores y crecimiento personal

November 11

My journey in Abuja

It’s been 4 months since I started my PULSE volunteer assignment with the Malaria program of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in Abuja (Nigeria).  This US NGO, with delegations in 36 countries mainly from Africa and Asia, works hand in hand with the different local and state authorities to facilitate access to medical resources […]

November 06

Of Monuments and Maple Syrup

So I think I have begun a lifelong love affair with the Washington Monument.  Its simplicity is what I first noticed about this monument and when you are in downtown DC, it seems to follow you everywhere you go.  It is a reminder of courage, strength and perseverance, no matter what the circumstances.  Its beauty […]

October 30

Smiles, field work and changing communities with Tanzania Cheshire Foundation

It’s been several weeks since my last blog, I cannot believe time is running so fast ! I’ve been very busy with some trainings and the main objective of my mission for Tanzania Cheshire Foundation which is to get feedback from the field, and improve Inclusive Education roll-out. We work with a special tool to […]

October 29

Community Responsibility for Healthcare

During my PULSE assignment with Partners in Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima (PIH/IMB), I have been fortunate to work with the School Health Program.   This program started in 2018 as a pilot in 15 schools in Eastern Rwanda with the objective of combatting the increasing incidence of malaria in children.  The program has since expanded to also […]

October 27

Sharing in Life’s Moments

While I’ve always believed that everyday moments make the best memories, I also cherish the special occasions that mark the milestones in life or carry-on treasured traditions. During my stay in Sierra Leone, I’ve experienced countless everyday moments—when someone chooses to share their story during a casual conversation or recounts a funny anecdote that reveals […]

October 04

Changing Communities

My second major objective for joining Save the Children seems obvious but sometimes in any large organisation it is understanding the impact of what you are doing directly to the child or the patient. This was a major driver for me and was fortunate to gain this understanding based upon an opportunity to carry out […]

October 04

Fighting Pneumonia together – Save the Children / UNICEF Partnership

  I cannot believe how quickly time is progressing just over half way through my assignment, I have just returned from Nairobi, Kenya after meeting two of my main objectives during my time with Save the Children. The first was facilitation and co-ordination of a face to face meeting on Pneumonia. Pneumonia is a forgotten […]

September 30

Redefining Invincible

This one might seem a bit random, but there is a point, so please bear with me.  I love the song Invincible by the band Muse.  Definitely in my top 5 favourite songs with such illustrious company; U2, Abba, John Denver and Coldplay.  There is something about it that inspires me into action.  And then […]

September 23

Cultivating Connections

This past weekend marked the halfway point of my stay in Sierra Leone and I have a feeling the second half will fly by even faster than the first. While it hasn’t been easy being so far from home, the people I’ve connected with have made such a huge difference in making me feel at […]