October 17

Camouflage Uniforms

2 pm on a rainy Thursday, I sit in a room surrounded by boxes of latex gloves, red sharps disposal containers, and a group of men and women in camouflage uniforms. I am at the National Borders Service central base camp, where I have the chance to support the Ministry of Health in a three-day […]

October 14


A lot has happened since my last blog and I struggled to choose a topic to write about. Since I am just finishing what my colleagues at SDI (Save the Children International’s Sustainable Delivery Initiative) call my “Asia tour” I decided to share some thoughts and impressions from my first field visit. After delivering the […]

October 13


DOING and LEARNING in Eswatini — FOLLOWING In Eswatini I live in a small apartment on the edge of the developed sections of Mbabane, the administrative capital.  Behind my apartment is a mountain with huge boulders.  When I arrived in Eswatini, my neighbors told me that there were marked paths to the top where the […]

October 12

Voices of Health Competition: Vote Early, Vote Often — for The Food Trust!

Greetings from my PULSE assignment at The Food Trust!    Hope you are all well and enjoying, at least for those of us in Philadelphia, a finally sunny autumn day. I also hope this finds you with a few seconds (promise – only seconds) to vote for The Food Trust in Aetna’s Voices of Health Competition.  […]

October 12

The Life of Qi

This is the second in a mini-series about children affected by conflict. Do read my earlier blog about how the crisis in Yemen is impacting children there. I Y A I Q T K I’ve always loved scrabble. I have the board game, a travel version and I have it on my iPad too. 21st […]

October 12

The Emergency Health Unit

If you only have two and a half minutes please skip my blog and watch this video clip: Children Make the World Go Round This isn’t the most recent Save the Children video, but I think it says it all about why Save the Children is here…and I defy you not to smile whilst watching […]

October 11

Changes, changes and more changes through my Pulse experience

The Employee Volunteering annual Impact Report 2017 -2018 has been released! And, on the other hand, they have been two months since I have started my Pulse assignment at the Fundación La Casa de los Niños in Costa Rica, Central America. It seems, this is an appropriate time for me to reflect if I am […]

October 09

The Drawing Board

“Mummy, why can’t I draw like you?” Practise is what I always say; get yourself the best quality tools you can afford, and practise, practise and then practise some more. Talent and great subject matter will be absolutely nothing without practise to master your craft. Many pieces of pristine paper have been screwed up in frustration […]

October 07

It’s time to make a move…

Already I am at the end of my first period of work in Moyo, Northern Uganda and I am now in my second location Amolatar which is more central and half way to Kampala (in distance but not in travel time) This place is really remote as it is almost entirely surrounded by lake Kyoga […]

October 06

Some aspects of daily life in an African village…

(Version française : voir plus bas!)   Here are some “vignettes” that try to describe a few typical aspects of the basic everyday life in an African village. I also wanted to highlight a few important differences between the way things are handled by more affluent Africans or by expatriates like me on the one […]

October 05

“Your chance” to change the world in 10 minutes. Are you willing?

Why you? I am not going to beat about the bush.  We need you. This is your chance to make a difference in the fight against malaria.  I know if someone had said that to me 3 months ago, my first question would be “How can I make a difference?  Aren’t there already a lot […]

October 02

Part 4: Time is running so fast!

You remember I left you 2 months ago! What about after 93 days since the beginning of my assignment including 40 days working at the IFRC? Vous vous souvenez je vous ai laissé il a 2 mois ! Qu’en est-il maintenant après 93 jours depuis le début, dont 26 jours de travail à la FICR ? […]

October 01

I am remarkable!

After a routine first half this year where I was living a normal life – I left. I am Manjit Kaur Marbaha, devout daughter, mother, grandnonny, sister, aunt, friend and GSK employee. Despite having the above roles and responsibilities, I left because my spirit was restless and it was guiding me elsewhere. Through the PULSE […]

September 28

Changing Communities

Hello from Northern Uganda! I am currently in Moyo, where the temperature is sweltering 30+ °C and it is not even summer yet! I have been here in Moyo for over a month and I am amazed as how well the local community have welcomed and embraced over a million refugees from South Sudan; where […]

September 27

You can learn to surf…

Life in Liberia So I’m three months in and only just making the time to write again. It feels like it has gone so quick and yet day 1 feels like a lifetime ago. My team at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) sits in the Ministry of Health (MoH) building, which is outside […]