img_3016 September 29

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

Hi All, The quote in the title is from an author called Wendy Wunder, and I felt it was incredibly apt for this months blog. It’s been nearly two months since I last blogged, as August and the start of September were really busy with my work here at CHAI, and I had my mid-way […]

12278687_10153800657999612_6954256554205897697_n September 28

About death. And life.

Probably this is one of the most difficult things I am doing during my Pulse assignment. Writing this post. One week ago my dog died. His name was Casper.He was not just a pet, he was family for 12 years, and I deeply loved him. I always dreaded the moment I would have to say […]

gsk-image September 28

Chapter 1: The Little Engine That Could!

Two months ago, I started a local GSK PULSE assignment at East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) .  I can honestly say it’s been an incredible journey so far. In this blog post, I will reflect on the evolution of my assignment…so get ready, hold on tight, and let me tell you a story about A LITTLE […]

dscn3857 September 26

When in Rome…

After my first month or so of being in Uganda, I got the chance to meet a nice young college student- Bashir.  He absolutely loves his country and has strived to help me learn about the culture and daily way of life as a typical Ugandan. The biggest thing I have learned so far, is […]

img_0800 September 26

Have you ever seen the rain?

This is the story of a meeting with a not very far relative… a story about looking “someone ” else in the eyes and see myself like I was looking in a mirror. This meeting with gorillas was a metaphor of my life,starting with the weather: cloudy,rainy. I am so happy to be on my […]

new-assignment-new-ways-of-working-at-stc-vietnam-with-erwin-new-line-manager-on-right September 26

My project begins

Xin Chao from Hanoi! I have completed little over two months at Hanoi and just wondering how the time flies off. Hanoi is my second home now and I really did not have iota of anxiety while coming back to Hanoi after short trip to Mumbai to attend Ganapati festival. My one third tenure of […]

img_3253-1 September 26

A Day without Rain

It’s been a little over a month since I arrived in the Philippines. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here forever; other times I get really surprised by how fast it’s going. Some days are long and filled by gloomy clouds, like a tempest ready to storm your senses away; most often, though, the experiences […]

???????????????????????????????????? September 25

That’s when amusement and development become a survival issue!!!!

As International volunteers live in different new environment, away from our families,  friends and society. We face huge expansion in our free time (after work, weekends and national holidays) This free time can lead to increased sense of home sickness, isolation and lost sense of meaning. On the other  hand, it can be a great […]

img_7024 September 23

When I met Rose

I would love to share a story of an encounter I had with an amazing individual I had the privilege of meeting when conducting the audio assessment day at Kasenje Primary School. Rose was a little nine year old girl who was visually impaired and quite clearly shaken by the noise and kerfuffle of the […]

tour-group September 22

That Was Not on the Website

So last weekend I took the opportunity to go trekking and caving in Central Vietnam.  Another volunteer, Mohamed, went with me.  Vietnam is well known for having the world’s largest cave: Son Doong.  It has becoming a hotbed for caving enthusiast and the general person that wants a bit of adventure.  I would be the […]

RCI Visit September 21

The Power of Music … a great healer and Benchmarking

Music heals, it brings joy to people, it lifts the mood, it reduces anxiety, it soothes the soul, it breaks barriers of language and the list goes on…. However, I didn’t understand the power of music fully till I met Ms Rama Bhalla. Rama is music teacher in Aashirwad School (for mentally retarded & disabled […]

img_7133 September 21

When the well is dry, we learn the worth of water

Imagine how your life will change without water? Once I came to my home after a long day, opened the tap to wash my hands and realized that I have no water… thousands of thoughts came up immediately- how I will wash, cook, were I can get even few litters for now… but this was […]

bamni-25e September 21

It’s just a Bánh mì sandwich

So what is a Bánh mì sandwich?   For starters Bánh mì is a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread. The word is derived from bánh (bread) and mì (wheat, also spelled mì in northern Vietnam). Basically, it’s a baguette and one may say represents the French influence in Vietnam. The Bánh mì sandwich is […]

bus2 September 20

Treacherous Transportation

Brakes whine whilst an obnoxious elongated horn blows, beckoning more passengers to board an already overcrowded bus. As it stops, the driver’s assistant jumps from his perch, yelling destinations and collecting cash from any willing participants. More and more people pile in through the door eventually filling every crevasse of extra space. Bodies crush together. […]

1 September 20

Music makes us Dance?

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain Cheshire Home Bangalore invited me on 56Th Founders Day celebration, and see what happens. The Girl residents have performed cultural program. Most of the girls are Hearing Impaired and some of them are differently able. One who see to […]