Relationship image soul journey March 13

Farewell and Goodbye Emails

I have been debating on what to write in this next blog because so much is happening. We all know when you hear the words change; transformation or restructuring it can mean many things to different people no matter if this is an internal or external process. Oftentimes internal and external transformation happens hand in […]

IMG_1294 March 03

This is the end…

I can’t believe it … 3 days – 72 hours – 4320 min …  before the end of my assignment… Time goes by so fast! Yesterday was the farewell lunch at OGRA foundation, time to remember all the work, fun shared together during these last 6 months. Today was  the day of the implementation of the brochure “to late to walk” […]

No6-logo March 01

#6! 第六号!

Table #6 was the spot assigned to me while I was at the Save the Children Washington DC office. =) – 6 months went by in a blink of the eye, it feels like only yesterday when I was in the Save the Children Connecticut office, trying to find my way around… oh well… everything. Yet, […]

family skiing 2015 February 26

Daily Lessons

    Each day has its challenges and rewards. It is very easy to get caught up in all that surrounds us. I know lately there have been times when I look around and feel tightness in my chest with emotions that do not always have words. But they are real and every part of […]

Title Photo (1) February 20

A pair of flip flops later, it’s time to go home

A few farewell photos / quelques photos d’au revoir This is it, my time in Dakar is almost up (I should be home by this time next week) and it’s time to start switching my mind back to Philadelphia. I’ll definitely miss all the people I met and friends I made here (and the weather), but I’m also looking […]

PULSE_logo_generic_dark-blue February 20

GSK and IAVI partner for Human vaccine development

      Hello All I just wanted to share with you some IAVI-GSK news which I found very exciting for my perspective of GSK pulse volunteer assigned to the IAVI. We are all aware that the GSK vaccine world has been the place for many changes recently (GSK-Novartis deal, the executive team changes) in […]

Rose February 13

Omega – The Final Chapter?

It’s Friday the 13th [of February 2015]. For the superstitious or cautious, perhaps a night safely tucked in bed, smothered by a heavy quilt, with a bedside lamp illuminating – diffracting and reflecting off any unseen guests… A sense of false security? For the brave or carefree, maybe a night sat in solitude on the nearest, […]

Frankie and AJ at Formal February 12

The Twilight Zone, Part of my Journey

(Insert Twilight Zone music here!) I often feel these days like I am in the Twilight Zone. I look around and at times I either feel like a stranger or like I am having an out of body experience. It amazes me how in one week you can go from feeling so accomplished and moved […]

DSC_0037 February 10

So far, so good

Close to the end of my assignment … Time is running so fast. 4 weeks already done … 4 weeks remaining before my return to Belgium… 4 weeks for finishing my projects… 4 weeks for saying good bye and see Isabella growing up… 4 weeks for thinking  of what I will miss, what I ‘ll […]

Hoad night February 07

Phi-Chi-Psi: Feisty, Chilly, Feasty!

As it approached New Year’s Eve, we approached Ulverston; arriving at our deserted little Victorian cottage just after 23 hrs GMT. It was a chilly welcome, a cold embrace!   Part IV – Physically Drained After my sleeping little tots were quietly tucked into bed, a gaze at two cars out in the chill and […]

DSC02497 February 05


EMCT (Eliminate Mother to Child Transmission) is a huge effort to prevent the transmission of HIV from a HIV+ mother to her baby during the delivery or the breast feeding. 6 months of close monitoring and full support for 35 children and I was lucky to witness that day. We started the day by the […]

Sigma Tau Upsilon February 04

Sigma-Tau-Upsilon: Schlepping to Ulverston

  It was not so much of the actual pre midnight schlep, that dragged me alongside my treasured living and inanimate belongings, from the cosmopolitan M4 postcode to rural LA12, fuelled by a cranking full-fuel-tank TDI automobile, definitely receiving maximum direct fuel injection, but apparently not exhibiting optimum turbocharged action, as it crawled along the […]

Slide1 February 03

Field Trip to Potou Millennium Village – Visite de Terrain à Potou, Sénégal

Last week I joined Habi and Gnagna on their trip to Potou, the Millennium Village (MV) for Senegal.  Recall, Millennium Village Project (MVP) has MV’s in multiple countries throughout Africa and two regional offices to oversee activities, one in Dakar for West/Central Africa and one in Nairobi for East Africa. Gnagna is based in Dakar. She is […]

Intention for Jan 30 February 02

Back in the USA

Well, it is another week and I am still adjusting to working within the office and shifting gears from the work I have been a part of for the past 6 months in the communities within Western Kenya. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if my PULSE assignment really happened. In fact my […]

IMG_20141105_143441141[1] January 26

Never Overlook Human Dignity

It has been three months I have been working with Friendship to develop this guideline and have tried to contribute providing my expertise on research and embedding risk & project management tools in the guideline. Apart from the knowledge gained on disaster preparedness and response, one of the most important learning for me from this […]


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