DSC04868 December 20

My notes from Africa in photos

I know that a lot of people like  and expect photos from me but my last blogs didn’t contain many. Therefore I have decided to make a selection of photos of the best moments of my staying in Africa. My colleagues and friends         Children Lake Victoria   Mwanza Safari Sunsets Zanzibar             IT WAS TIME […]

DSC03652 December 20

It is time to say Goodbye Mwanza, Tanzania!

It is quite difficult for me to find words to farewell but unfortunately the time to say Goodbye has come. Positive emotions overflow and it is very difficult to describe  the project picking up correct words and feelings. If you ask me whether I learned something? – Yes, I did. If you ask me if the project has […]

DSC03801 December 20

GSK PULSE volunteers in Tanzania

In this post I just want to  share briefly how wonderfully I spent my last  weekend. After moving to a new building and equipping a new office GSK Tanzania  kindly invited  PULSE volunteers on excursions and all five volunteers who stay in Tanzania kindly agreed.  We found our colleagues while they were finishing  their PDPs but still had a great opportunity […]

Stop Hunger Now Gong December 19

6 months later – Now what??

Here I am 6 months later and my PULSE assignment has come to an end. Wow! What just happened? I can honestly say a LOT has happened to me both personally and professionally. This last week has been a great time of reflection and looking back over the past months. It was bittersweet to leave […]

Blog December 19

Something about work with patients

Close to end of the project I start remembering how it all started. When I applied for participation in the program I really had a dream  to get into the organization related with work with children  but my organization PRRR is engaged in work with HIV-infected patients. I am  no way complaining , but it caused a […]

63153_170052576471929_483529174_n December 19

We all are human beings

During my 6 month assignment within the PULSE program I have met a lot of new faces. Some of them were absolutely spineless, playing games and trying to reach a success. From my point of view a personality is not characterized as a person with great success, property and medialized face. For me a personality […]

IMG_0368 December 19

“Weight of words, shock of pictures”

A famous magazine in France has this slogan:” Le poids des mots, le chocs des images” (Weight of words, shock of pictures). I will not be able to reach the quality and the pertinence of this magazine as I did not met celebrity … except one… Mama Obama at the “Worlds AIDS Marathon” in kisumu […]

LT Farewell December 19

All Good Things……….

Unfortunately the time is now fast approaching (3 days as I post) when I will have to say goodbye to Rwanda and head back to the UK. As is natural at times like these, it has led me to reflect on my time here and evaluate the impact I have had in Rwanda and how […]

DSC06250 December 18

Projects and activities

English version Hi everyone, so many things happened since my return. So this blog will be a little bit longer– it is about my activities for my projects and some personal adventure in Kenya. For most of the Pulse volunteer it is the end, time to say goodbye and it is not an easy moment when […]

image December 17

Obstetric Fistula PULSE Assignment Implemented – CHECK!

I am sorry I am behind on my blog :) I know many of you look for them on Mondays! Which really makes me feel great, by the way. Well, these last two weeks are all about the work I have been a part of over the past 6 months coming to fruition. It is […]

Blog - Photo 14 December 16

180 days in Kisumu, Kenya – it’s time to say Goodbye!

It’s my last week here in Kisumu, Kenya, and now I am really looking forward to start my return travel on the 19th of December and to arrive hopefully safe and sound in the morning of the 20th December at Stuttgart, Germany, and to hug my wife at the airport arrival gate. I am not […]

20141215_164503 December 16

Soon the end of my mission in DRC

I cannot believe that I‘m almost at the end of my PULSE mission. Looking at my calendar yesterday, I realized that I will leave the DRC next week … I’m starting to think about things that I will miss … but also things that I will not miss ;-) ! I finish my mission on a very positive experience in […]

nuevas 023 December 15

Tarjetas Navideñas

El 10 de diciembre tuve la oportunidad de convivir con un grupo de adolescentes que asisten a una Institución donde se realizan actividades multidisciplinarias y donde Save the Children Bolivia tiene algunos programas; ésta fue una linda experiencia ya que nos reunimos para hacer manualidades y organizamos hacer tarjetas navideñas a propósito de las próximas […]

zebrafish December 15

Zebra Fish, Sleeping Beauty Transposition, CARs and microRNA Sponges, Oh My!

What on earth could these words be describing? When listed out, it is almost impossible to believe that they are used in the same conference. Is it a Zebra or a Fish or some Frankenstein amalgamation of the two? Turns out the zebrafish is a type of tropical fish that serves the dual purpose of […]

Slide1 December 14

Pulse assignment part 3 – What is it I actually do in Dakar?

Version française plus bas dans le texte – French version further down I just reached the halfway mark of my assignment and I still haven’t shared with you what it is I actually do here in Dakar other than enjoying the nice weather, the ocean, and the Senegalese culture and people. If you recall, I […]


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