I’d Definitely Do It Again

I have been struggling to write this blog from the time I finished my assignment. Not only because it was a very busy month which felt like being thrown into a highway full of cars, but because it was very challenging to describe the change that happened to me at a very deep level, touching […]

End February 12

Final Blog – Reflections

The 6 months of my PULSE assignment with PATH in Dakar are now well over and I have travelled the 6,000+ KM to sit back in a Canadian GSK office. While I was in Dakar, I took two sets of photos to describe the passing of time: Renaissance monument (which I referred to in my […]

Back from Kigali: Simple Gratitude

I wrote in an earlier blog about experiencing a bit of reentry about halfway through my 6 month assignment. A week-long trip to Portugal gave me a fleeting taste of clean water and comfort food.  But that’s not reentry.  I returned to Chicago 6 weeks ago and my next few blogs will give you a […]

IMG_2387 February 12

Back to Reality or maybe not

My first impression when I arrived was to think that I came back to a quieter routine which I have to say was not an unpleasant feeling. As I said in my previous posts, I have felt stressed during my assignment especially at the beginning but I eventually adjusted to my new environment. It is fair […]

IMG-20160211-WA0013 February 11

Conquering the impossible

Traveling to developed country is not the easy something to adapt safety , diseases , hygienic condition and all the new cultures and its surprising Like when you are saying I will go hiking the widest mountain in the world and the 2nd highest one in Africa (mount Kenya)…..is it possible however you do not […]

Picture2 February 09

It’s NOT back to normal…..

We keep say that time flies and, well…….it does! I can hardly believe it has been a month since returning to GSK, after six awesome months as a PULSE volunteer at Target Ovarian Cancer, into a brand new role in UK Pharma. The question I get asked the most is ‘what did you bring back […]

image February 08

Imprint the World By Giving Back

Well here we are!!! This is my final blog reflecting back on my incredible seven months in Asia. I really can’t believe how quickly it went by. Honestly, I virtually blinked and it was over. That’s how life is sometimes. We need to stop and enjoy every day because we won’t have another one exactly […]

equipo HC February 08

En la recta final

Falta muy poco para terminar mi asignación PULSE en Chile, y me siento feliz por todo lo que he aprendido en este tiempo, en especial de la gente que he conocido y las amistades que se han generado. En esta imagen esta el equipo de la Dirección Social Nacional del Hogar de Cristo, con quienes […]

_MG_3086 February 08

International Volunteer Day

On Friday, the 4th of December 2015, we held a small celebration at the BELhospice center, to mark International Volunteer Day. It was a small celebration to honor people with big hearts. People who contribute in a variety of ways to the work of the BELhospice center and the quality of care for terminally ill […]

DSC_0852 February 05

Everybody deserves a happy ending.

A happy ending doesn’t really mean the end of life but end of every interaction, every transaction or every relationship. When there is time when we all are concluding our assignments or already crossed the finish line, just wondering if we all had a happy ending. Certainly we do aim to have a best conclusion […]

PULSE_logo_generic_pink February 03

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Nelson Mandela   On the heels of my PULSE assignment, I had two choices…. I could (attempt to!) go back to my “old […]

_MG_3079 February 03

5 things to anticipate before signing up for PULSE.

As in normal life there are problems or challenges that we face in our everywhere. So as you should expect challenges during your PULSE assignment. Volunteering abroad has many exciting opportunities but it comes with challenges as well. But believe me tackling with those is the actual learning during your assignment which you may not […]

On our way to go for drinks February 02

My last days in Niger and Senegal

It’s been a while since I last wrote as my November visit in Niger was cancelled due to an audit and I had to stay in Dakar. I arrived in Niger for the second time a couple of weeks ago after a well deserved break in France with my family. I decided to travel to Niger […]

IMG_9342 January 29

Nyumbani Village

Auf einem meiner Wochenend-Trips habe ich Kara kennen gelernt. Sie arbeitet als Volunteer für ein Jahr im Nyumbani Village, ca. 150 km östlich von Nairobi. Ihre Berichte über dieses Kinderheim, vorwiegend für AIDS-Waisen, hatten mich neugierig gemacht, und so beschloss ich, sie zu besuchen. Eine Reise in das echte Kenia jenseits von Nairobi. Schon die […]

SDC12194 January 27

Stories from the Small Continent: The Community Healthcare Worker

I am back in the Tana office following a week in the Fort Dauphin region in the south east of Madagascar. I was on a mission with my colleagues from UNICEF to support a community led maternal and neonatal health project in 2 districts in the region. The project goals are to increase the demand […]


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