IMG_0371 January 21

IRS (Indoor Residual Spraying)

In Bar Sauri where I work the percentage of malaria reaches up to 60%,. There are two ways to fight malaria: treatment and prevention. Indoor Residual Spraying is one of the most important way to prevent against malaria. Previous history indicates that IRS and distribution of bed nets decreased the malaria cases from 60% to 8%. I […]

Never Overlook Human Dignity

It has been three months I have been working with Friendship to develop this guideline and have tried to contribute providing my expertise on research and embedding risk & project management tools in the guideline. Apart from the knowledge gained on disaster preparedness and response, one of the most important learning for me from this […]

Huddle on first week back January 26

First Week Back at GSK!

  “Transition” seems to be the key word. I have been transitioning back into my home life and this week was the transition into my “work” life. At one point I did see them as very different spaces and have realized over the years they truly are connected and need to be for me to […]

New year, more lives to be saved

It is the New Year and my assignment at Save the Children UK ended before Christmas in a whirlwind of activities. As said before, this Pulse role at Save the Children is a continuous one, at least for now, over the 5 year partnership with GSK ( I was number 3) and I have now handed […]

Jan Uganda 055 January 25

My last post of an amazing adventure

HI, My last post of an amazing adventure, January has in fact been one of my busiest months .Preparing a senior management presentation with financial scenarios to demonstrate sustainability felt a little like life a GSK but with very different content! I also visited a refugee camp for south Sudanese in northern Uganda,5 hours on […]

Photo de Group SDSN Sahel Launch January 23

SDSN Sahel launches in Dakar 1/16/2015

SDSN : Sustainable Development Solutions Network Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the SDSN and Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the MDGs flew to Dakar for the event. There was good attendance from members of the 6 member countries: Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Chad. Pr. Sachs’ presentation set […]

DSC02366 January 21

Reproductive health for school kids

Below are some figures that may clear the reproductive health in Kenya: Women Under Age 20 Whose Most Recent Birth Was an Unintended Pregnancy reaching 47% Women Under Age 20 Whose Most Recent Birth Was Not Delivered by a Skilled Attendant are 52% Women Ages 20-24 Living With HIV are 6% Source: Kenya Demographic and […]

Pi Rho January 18

Pi-Rho : Poirot (Hercule Poirot!)

It’s just a few minutes to 7am. I’ve just woken up from a very deep sleep. A peep through the window – the sky still dark, the temperature?… supposedly chilly. It’s Sunday, the 18th of January 2015. Saturday, the 17th was physically exhausting. Around 11:30pm, as I treated my dilapidated body to a deserved hot […]

IMG_6809 January 17

It’s a time to implement!

I like the idea of “Worms Eye View” by Prof. Dr. Mohammed Yunus, Nobel laureate and founder of Grameen Bank – he thinks, “we often have bird’s eye view; we can see the whole world, we can measure the terrain, but we don’t see the details. If we have the worms eye view, then we […]

KISS(blue) January 16


NO, it’s not the kind you get while standing under a mistletoe. (Christmas is over folks~). It’s Keeping It Simple for our Sanity (tweaked the last word just a tiny bit…) – For most of us, trying to get a point across or making an impression is an ever-growing challenge, as we compete for space and […]

image January 14

Mom, You have been in Kenya for 6 Months!!!

This is the new catch phrase at my house anytime I question something or make a parental point. It has been the recent little joke at our house, it really is funny but I know at times there can be a smidge of seriousness in it as well. This is often how we try to […]

Photos ppt Race (grand format) Revised for Copyright January 11


Today was the 12th and last stage of the 2015 AFRICA ECO RACE® (official website: It ended in the fishing town of Kayar with the podium set on the lakefront of Lac Rose just 25 miles away from Dakar. I couldn’t make it there but the rally caravan headed to the the King Fahd […]

IMG_1841-0 January 11

Finally I know what I want to be when I grow up

Wow, it really is time to say goodbye to Africa. I have been delaying this blog for the last week as I haven’t wanted to officially acknowledge that my wonderful experience as part of the PULSE programme has come to an end. Very much like how I felt when I arrived in Sierra Leone over […]

Prevention Partners: Pay it Forward

With my PULSE assignment completed, I am writing up my case study and integrating back into GSK.  One of my last PULSE assignments ideas was to write a thank you note to each one of the Prevention Partners’ employees and thank them for their help and support during my Pulse assignment. Yesterday, I was taking […]

On way to char through Brahmaputra river January 08

Two Months in Bangladesh

It has been a while since I have written a blog. I have completed 2 months in Dhaka in Dec 2014. Going back to November 2014, I had the chance to attend the Shelter Workshop that was organized jointly by Friendship, IFRC and Government of Bangladesh at Friendship Training Centre, Gaibandha district of Bangladesh. It […]


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