FullSizeRender1 July 06

I learned today?

Today  my boss was on the phone with a person who sponsors 17 children . The first thing I thought is that it should be billionaire and then I realized that bringing in my country , buy a shirt, a child can be benefited . This taught me to start changing inequality is not just […]

FullSizeRender1 July 06

Qué aprendí hoy ..?

Hoy mi jefa hablaba por teléfono con una persona que patrocina 17 niños. Lo primero que pensé es que debía ser multimillonaria y luego me dí cuenta que con lo que en mi país,  se compra una camisa,  un niño puede ser beneficiado.  Esto me enseñó que empezar a cambiar la desigualdad es solo cuestión […]

C July 06

London A to Z

C is for “Children” – it had to be, didn’t it ? The GSK and Save the Children partnership enables us to work together Collaboratively, to accelerate the availability of life-saving medicines designed especially for Children. One of the Causes of deaths in newborns in poorer Countries is sepsis – blood poisoning – which can […]

Kigali Dispatches: Life in this little big city.

Dateline July 4, Kigali, Rwanda. As the photo shows, the view from my home office in Kigali is wildly different from the view in Chicago. My GSK PULSE colleague and I share an apartment on the 5th floor of an apartment building on top of a hill, so our view is out and down. The […]

FullSizeRender July 05


When I arrived at the airport in New York , the agent asked me why was so heavy the  luggage . I told him that i had brought  some clothes and a lot of smiles of my family and dreams to fulfill . He laughed . I do not know , if he did not […]

FullSizeRender July 05

Llegando en Español…

Cuando llegué al Aeropuerto en New York, el agente me preguntó porque pesaban tanto las maletas., yo le dije porque traía algo de ropa y un montón de sonrisas de mi familia y sueños que cumplir.  El se rió., no sé si porque no me entendió o porque le pareció chistoso.   Esa fué la primera […]

First Lima experiences

Yesterday, on the finish of my induction week at Save the Children (not the whole week indeed as there was Saint Peter and Paul Holiday on Monday) I had a chance to visit one of the places where the projects coordinated by SC staff become reality. Villa San Salvador is southernmost district of Lima and […]

Having breakfast 0730 July 03

Kava…no bubbles just yaqona

Well today was another day to remember. This is my view when having breakfast(remember it’s winter here!). After a really busy day at work I was invited for Cava, oh great I thought, cool glass of bubbles, great bar, fantastic scenery, little did I know the reality was tea room, washing up bowl and liquid that tasted […]

PULSE_logo_generic_blue July 03

Same Same But different

“Same Same But different”, a saying many will recognise if you have travelled to Thailand. I had my first ‘same same but different’ realisation on day 2 with CHAI, when arriving at the Federal Ministry of Health. My manager and I crammed into the already overpacked lift on the ground floor. Next thing I notice […]

Rio de Janeiro - mayo 2015 July 03

Y ya se acerca

… O mejor poco a poco se va acercando el momento de partir para poner a prueba que en realidad el mundo necesita de cada uno de nosotros y lo lograremos con el cambio que tanto nosotros como la organización tendrá en la manera de pensar y actuar antes, durante y después de nuestra asignación. […]

PULSE_logo_generic_green July 02

Twenty Nine Cents

I am four days into my PULSE assignment at Stop Hunger Now and already my perspective of goods, services and cost is changing.  Being a Certified Public Accountant here in North Carolina and having worked in a big public accounting firm, I am accustomed to rounding off numbers in financial information.  We often rounded to […]

Now that’s what I call fridge... July 02

Time to chill…a big relief!

It’s hard to believe I’m at this point in my PULSE journey. It seems like an age ago since I was completing my application form, wondering if I’d get through to the next round. Now I am trying to get my head round being in the Philippines in less than a week…. A question I […]

PULSE_logo_generic_pink July 01

Fiji first day at work!

After sitting on a plane then a bus for 16 hours to get here boy am I gonna make the most of it! I arrived bright and early (GSK time) and was greeted with “Bula Miss Jan” handed a cup of coffee and encouraged to relax and slip gently into Fiji time, rather difficult for […]

pulse2015 June 30

La fecha se acerca… PULSE 2015

Desde que recibí el correo donde me confirmaron que fui seleccionada para la asignación PULSE 2015 muchas emociones me han invadido (algunas de ellas encontradas) pero hoy que se acerca el momento de iniciar, el sentimiento que me domina me recuerda a mi niñez, cuando contaba los días que faltaban para la Navidad…. Me entusiasma […]

Vallen June 30

Vad finns bakom nästa krök? / What´s behind the corner?

Det känns lite extra svårt att lämna Sverige nu när det är som allra vackrast men jag vet att jag har ett äventyr framför mig när jag nästa vecka åker till Kisumu, Kenya för 6 månaders PULSE-uppdrag för Fistula Foundation. Har så smått börjat packa och de som känner mig vet att det är inget […]


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