IMG_7026-0.JPG September 30

Making progress! #becsoneill

How is it October tomorrow already..???? Seriously.. I can not believe how quickly it is going! I figured 4 months in to my time here would be as good of a time as any for a good old reflection so I’m sat here on my balcony, drinking my cuppa and eating my Special K- oats […]

photo of women group in kiboswa September 29

To Be or Not To Be a Feminist? Is that really the question- HeForShe Campaign

Gender equality has been continuously surfacing throughout my life and until I arrived in Africa I’m not sure I understood why. I remember growing up watching my Mom, a single parent, struggle in the work force for her equality to put food on the table and to create a better life for me and my […]

10294350_10152738916839375_4128867259452399672_n September 29

Relativiser et être patient/ Revitalise and be patient

Version Française Apres un mois à Dakar, j’ai appris une chose : A relativiser. Il ne se passe pas un jour sans qu’il y ait une coupure : électricité, eau, internet. J’ai fini par faire un ordre de priorité du plus embêtant au moins embêtant. En premier l’eau. Sans eau  pas possible de se laver les […]

Checking my pulse Mizanul September 28

Checking my PULSE!

“PULSE” – A unique opportunity for us to learn! I have started my assignment on 08th September and as a GSK Pulse Volunteer I am working with Save the Children Kenya to support health commodity management of Bungoma County, Kenya. My assignment is also a part of Signature program under long term strategic partnership between […]

the-bridge September 27

A Bridge Too Far?

I am all but half way through my assignment and cannot have imagined time would pass so quickly. Following the progress of the multiple workstreams can seem like spinning lots of plates but at the same time is enormously interesting to determine how we can measure the impact of our partnership in saving lives with […]

photo-26 September 26

Team Building: Prevention Partners IT Team Bust a Move

“This here’s a jam for all the fellas… You run over there without a second to lose And what comes next hey bust a move.” –  Young MC   Lizzy, our team building facilitator, didn’t mention the interpersonal science behind  dancing in my boss’ backyard. However, I will take a stab at it.  Here are the […]

finales-felices September 26

Finales Felices

Hay finales felices? hoy creo que sí los hay. Tal vez no como los cuentos, con un principe y un lindo Castillo, nuestros finales felices son con mujeres y sus hijos, en casas pequeñas, amobladas con lo básico y con el dinero justo para terminar el mes (a veces solo para empezarlo). Puede ser esto un […]

mousetrap September 25

Office Rat, War is Over – Emma Drawbridge

After consultation with my in house team of experts we decide that a food baited trap was a solid solution. Naively I thought this would mean a trip to town to buy a trap. Turns out we would need to make our own as no one knew of anywhere that sold traps. Finally a chance […]

20140921_100910 September 23

Challenges on pulse are always there but coming 11th in race in kenya makes it all worthwhile

Feeling really pleased with 11th place in 12,5k Ngong Hills  trail  run…and there were lots of hills. .feeling really part of Kenya now! Today I went with IBM volunteers for outreach surgical visit, cant believe they leave at end of the week. They are only here with me for 1 month(IBM programme is much shorter) but its […]

Blog - Photo 11 September 23

Saturday, 20th September 2014, was day 90 in Kisumu

The above photo shows (from left to right) Isabelle, Martin, Victoria, Rami and me. Michelle is unfortunately missing on the photo. Halftime! The feeling is very similar to a football game … 90 minutes seems to be so long at the beginning but when the first 45 minutes are over it seems to be the […]

mallow September 23

Office Rat, The Revenge – Emma Drawbridge

An epic battle of wits has been fought over the last six weeks. There have certainly been times where I have had doubts about my intelligence’s and all because I have failed to capture the office rat. Once the mesh was installed over all possible entry points, I thought this would have been the end […]

2014-08-14 10.09.33 September 22

Welcome to KAVI

“You’re the guy from GSK we have been waiting for. I thought you would be older.” This is where I work: I am six weeks into the second phase of my PULSE assignment. The lab setup and experiment layouts are going well. It certainly helps to be working with a great group of smart scientists. […]

Family headed to work the land September 22

12 weeks in Rwanda

I can’t believe 12 weeks have already passed and that I only have 12 weeks left on my PULSE assignment. Rwanda is growing on me in more ways than one, and now I know it will certainly be a tough transition home but I’m not going to think about that just yet. In this post, I’d […]

DSC_0158 September 21

Week 1: “Haraka haraka haina baraka”

 “Haraka Haraka Haina Baraka” means hurry hurry has no blessings…. It is important to do a given assignment well and not to hurry for the sake of completing it. It’s one of my key learning’s this week. As it was  my second week in Kisumu, a lot of things to tell you but this week […]

Sandaga September 21

Sandaga Market (le marché de Sandaga)

English and French versions Only a 20 min taxi ride from the apartment and the safer area of Les Almadies, you get to the heart of Dakar and can experience one of the markets you read about in books and on the internet. Santaga market illustrates perfectly Dakar as a multicultural city full of vibrant […]


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