two childs September 02

Kibera is Crying out for People To Help……Two children’s looks can explain many things

Two children’s looks can explain many things One is looking for the future (your help)… and the other hopeless living in his history Now i have been for three weeks at Nairobi you can see all things here just adjust your position do not look for the big picture get deep  and zoom your focus  […]

01sep15 030 September 01

Lagos thru the car window

I’m in Lagos right now for a short time, helping with the roll out of two different logistics management programs (more on this in the next post).  When I told people in Abuja that I was going to be in Lagos for a few weeks, the first thing anyone said was that there is a […]

025 September 01

A community from Maguindanao – Day 2 Episode 3

  After lunch we visited an indigenous migrant community from Maguindanao, in the village not far from the health center. Maguindanao is a province located in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), a group of islands composed mainly of 5 Muslim provinces – Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Mindanao, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. In this conflict […]

009 September 01

På operation / At the operating theater

Förra veckan fick jag vara med på en operation av Obstetrisk Fistel. Flickan som opererades är 14 år och genomgick för 2 år sen en utdragen förlossning som avslutades med kejsarsnitt. Barnet dog. I samband med kejsarsnittet skadades hon, och det hål mellan livmodern och urinblåsan som uppkom då, reparerades här av Dr. Mitei och […]

image September 01

Lahat Dapat: No Child Left Behind

It has been enjoyable seeing all the photos of many children, including my own, returning to school.  Spending time with local school children has been rewarding and takes me back to my school days. However, it’s quite a different atmosphere in schools here. The issues are huge and words cannot truly express what I’ve seen. […]

K August 31

London to A to Z

K is for “Katrina”. When I started this blog I assumed that “K week” would be all about Kenya, but then I realised that August is the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and since that anniversary has been in the news, it would be a good opportunity to think about emergencies and the needs of […]

photo17 August 30

Almost a month with Save..

Time flies …..Almost a month that I started my Pulse assignment with Save the Children to work on a supply chain system tool for malnutrition products for children in Niger. I started in London Farringdon, which was I have to say an interesting experience and to be honest I was not expecting such a stressful […]

IMG_6024 August 30

Ja, das ist Afrika / Yes, this is Africa

Nach 2 Wochen Kälte zeigt sich das Wetter langsam von seiner besseren Seite. Nachts ist es noch schön frisch zum Schlafen, aber tagsüber scheint die Sonne bei angenehmen Temperaturen. Beim Ausflug am Samstag vor einer Woche habe ich mir leider auch schon einen kleinen Sonnenbrand geholt. Frühmorgens haben wir Nairobi Richtung Norden verlassen. Erster Stopp […]

Let the ritual commence August 30

Fire Walking at the Sangam Temple, Suva Fiji

I arrived at the Sangam temple heart beating to the sound of rythmic drums and an excitement in the air. After a  ten day ritual of worship to the godess Maha Devi these South Indian devotees believe if they are cleansed physically and spiritually they will feel no pain. Annually they bathe in the sea, before dancing yellow […]

017 August 28

Generating change

It has been another busy couple of weeks on my PULSE assignment to Ghana.  I have spent several days at the Millenium Villages Project TLI laboratory. MVP sponsored a continuing education course for the midwives in the cluster clinics yesterday. I didn’t have to do much but move chairs, as my colleague Frances (a med […]

IMG_20150810_171131[1] August 28


  Give light and people will find their way….Colour of Hope….Colour of Liberation….Colour of Respect…!!!! On August 7, 2015August 7, 2015 By mishrar77881Edit This is my first blog from the African continent completing almost a month here.Located about four hours south of Kampala,Uganda’s capital city,the town of Mbarara is surrounded by rolling grassy hills that […]

Max Trying the meal August 28

What do you do?

Two months into my assignment with Stop Hunger Now and I am settled into my role with the organization and have seen multiple programs across multiple states and interacted with a lot of the individuals working diligently to achieve the organization’s goal of starting a movement to end hunger in our lifetime.  What passion and […]

IMG_1603 August 28

Yes, it’s Orange Day with The Food Trust

Two months into assignment here in Philadelphia and two Orange Days accomplished.  At The Food Trust I have been able to share with GSK HR team members what actually goes on at my NGO.  In July we partnered with HYPE team (Healthy You Positive Energy) clean up at neighborhood community garden then on to middle […]

P1040100 August 28

Air evacuation in Mandera

Part 1 Last week after spending the day at GSK’s Nairobi offices, I received a call on my mobile just as I was going to bed. For my phone to ring at any time is an unusual occurrence given the only people who have my number are my work colleagues and the drivers I use. […]

mawa August 27

Akwaaba! (Welcome!)

“When you leave things, you leave your spirit behind, too. But if you don’t leave them, you age.” Yoko Ono Before I started my PULSE assignment, I had mixed thoughts about the 6 months in front of me: Sometimes I felt that it would be very long (it is two whole seasons in Turkey, for God’s […]


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