john wooden September 16

88 Days

88 Days: that is just about the time remaining on my pulse assignment. How am I changing? What am I changing? what am I impacting? I am asking myself these questions every day I am here. “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. […]

Halfway Point

It’s exactly halfway point for me on my PULSE assignment with Stop Hunger Now in Raleigh, NC. Wow! It’s difficult to comprehend that it’s already been 3 months! This assignment has truly been a reflection time for me, both personally and professionally. Let me say, that the entire time hasn’t always been easy. It is […]

TEAM photo September 16

“Kick Fistula out Of Africa” Soccer team needs sponsoring

I am going to start by asking you to share this blog and story through all social media channels and any networking possibilities you have to help this team get sponsored. As you read this blog and look at the pictures I think you will see why this is so important on many levels. I […]

Deadliest animal on Earth

Do you know the deadliest animal on earth? The biggest killer of human being!!! No, it’s not a shark, it’s not a lion, not even a snake. It’s a tiny arthropod – Mosquito which accounts for approx 725,000 deaths per year across the globe by transmitting diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. I got an […]

Team Work September 15

Diagnosed !!!

This week, I complete 1 month at PULSE assignment. First two weeks were focused on Gemba ‘Go and See’, travelled to 50+ villages along with the team on mobile clinics to observe and question and understand the real situation and identify improvement needs. We then spent time brainstorming the root causes to the areas and […]

p1040478 September 15

A visit to the King’s Palace (and the only soft serve ice cream in Rwanda!)

So on Saturday I finally made it out of Kigali and into the countryside. This was all arranged last minute by being in the CHAI office instead of my usual office, and in discussing with some of the other team that their hire car had fallen through, I had a car and wanted to get […]

DSC_0446 September 15

Vie à Dakar / Life in Dakar

Version Française Cela fait maintenant 2 semaines que je suis a Dakar. Il est temps de vous parler un peu des gens et de la vie ici. La première chose qui m’a frappée c’est la gentillesse des gens. Ils sont toujours la pour vous aider ou partager un brin de vie avec vous. Un collègue Sénégalais […]

LY September 15

20 years ago he found out he had AIDS

Every day BMC starts its work in the same way. A lot of patients arrive at CTC . Some of them come for the first time the others have their regular scheduled examination. There is a short lecture-conversation  led by one of the doctors at around 8.15  . The doctor tells about  what medical specialists how and why each of the patients need […]

Photo0082 September 14

A Chemist in Burundi: The picture round

It has been a while since my last post, after a slow start everything picked up at the same time and the last few weeks have been really busy, intense and interesting ! Today, I am going to take you on a small journey with a picture round!         Next time, it […]

PULSE_logo_generic_orange September 12

My first blog after two months in my PULSE assignment

My first blog after two months in my PULSE assignment. via My first blog after two months in my PULSE assignment.

IMG_5646 September 12

My First Few Days in Kenya

It is not easy for me to stay far away from my two and half years old daughter “Ajreen” and four and half years old son “Ajmaeen” who used to say bye bye in the morning and welcomed me when I returned everyday – therefore my first few days in Kenya have been very tough, I am trying […]

Creative workshop- Sima September 12

Creative workshop with patients

Yesterday we performed a creative workshop for patients at BELhospice. The NGO provides palliative care to terminally ill cancer patients. This kind of workshop is developed in a regular basis with the participation of patients, volunteers and the BELhospice team. This creative workshop allows patients to forget for a while about the illness, the suffering, […]

WP_20140910_003 September 11

L’administration cet enfer/The administration is hell

Version Française Je voudrais partager avec vous l’horrible journée que j’ai passé ce mercredi 10 septembre. Pour faire un rappel, j’ai fait une demande de VISA en ligne pour 6 mois avant d’aller au Sénegal. Quand je suis arrivée le 31 aout, on m’a dit à l’aéroport qu’il ne délivrait pas de VISA de 6 […]

3 Peaks GLH Team September 11

Eta:Theta – It’s September, The 3 Peaks Challenge is Nigh!

Helloooo, September is here – the 10 days so far have all been pleasant for me! On Monday, we celebrated the 16th birthday of Golden Lane Housing – 16 years of providing suitable homes for people with a learning disability. The ceremony also marked the opening of Mencap’s Centre of Engagement in the North (our […]

Ethiopia 007 September 10

Happy Ethiopian New year, it’s 2007

This week I visited Addis in Ethiopia, to understand how they organise surgical outreach and also visit their centre of excellence for obstetric fistula repair. September 11th is new years day in Ethiopia and it will become 2007.all very confusing. The outreach was so well organised with great partnership between Amref Ethiopia, ministry of health, […]


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