Día Nacional del Voluntario

Un mes ya pasó desde mi llegada a Río. Un mes siendo Voluntaria. Un mes tratando todavía de comprender la importancia de ser voluntario. Tan importante es que aquí en Brasil se celebra cada 28 de agosto el Día Nacional del Voluntario. La misma ONG organizó el pasado jueves una celebración para nosotros, para sus […]

meshack not smiling September 02

Sometimes we can be our BIGGEST barriers

This blog is covering something that continues to creep up not only in Africa but also at home but it seems I am able to truly dive in to think about these aspects and how they affect our lives. I am speaking directly to the title of this blog, “Sometimes we can be our BIGGEST […]

First step into my Assignment

Last Friday my GSK collegues in Supply chain Mt.Lavinia,organised a suprise get together for me before leaving for PULSE assignment. It was an exciting day with warm wishes with a boquet of flowers for a successful assignment. Yesterday was my first day with Save the Children Sri Lanka, they warmly wellcomed me to their Office. […]

photo 1 September 02

How to survive during a trip…

  Just a few words before my departure this afternoon, I would like to say thank you to my colleagues who gave me last week a travel trip explaining how to survive during a trip… (I’m now relax ,confident and  I know what to do in any situation !!!) , a penknife and I add…of course… chocolate… With […]

The First of September

Today has been exactly two month since I began my PULSE assignment. Actually, it is neither little time  nor much time but it seems to me I have been here for ages. During the very first month everything was new to me…almost every day there were some new people, emotions, impressions, food, tools and different approaches at work. […]

DSC01678 September 01

Zeta – Zeal from my meal, Culinary Delights!

It’s 30 minutes to 12 midnight, At 12 midnight British Summer Time (BST), it will be 1st September 2014. And then the 12 days countdown will begin, Counting down to Friday, the 12th of September, When I will bravely take on 3 Peaks in the Yorkshire Dales.   My Beloved, have you taken the opportunity […]

South Africa – Trip 1 – Day 11 & 12

South Africa – Trip 1 – Day 11 Another ‘training session’ with the team at the Sterkfontein lodge… This time, we covered self-awareness and style preference with a quick description of the circle of influence model and why it is useful. I knew that this one would be more of a challenge… and it was, […]

South Africa – Trip 1 – Day 8, 9 & 10

South Africa – Trip 1 – Day 8 I have only just noticed that the team, before they get to work in the morning, sing and pray and recite the Thoughtful Path mission statement. I’m not sure how I managed to miss it last week but I have to say this is quite an inspirational […]

It’s HERE!!! 终于来了!!!

As I count down to the last couple of days left in Singapore, I look back to the day I decided to apply for the PULSE programme.   I’m glad I decided to take that step forward and email to my boss “do you think it’d be alright for someone like me to apply for […]

A chance to meet the regional GSK team

Well I have now settled into my new role which is proving challenging to say the least due to IT issues and space availability! Normal distribution activities are due to start this week though (& the IT issues are resolved) which should give me an opportunity to get to grips with the detailed process and […]

10406634_10152676032674375_5254977964444565601_n September 01

Arrivée à Dakar / Arrived to Dakar

Version Française Apres 4 mois et demi d’attente me voilà enfin arrivée à Dakar. Quelle sensation étrange de se réveiller le matin en Belgique et de se dire que je vais m’endormir à Dakar et ce pour les 6 prochains mois. Départ dimanche matin pour l’aéroport de Bruxelles avec quelques amis (les autres m’aillant dit […]

the usual Nairobi jam!

when stuck in traffic jams its always good to have interesting neighbours!! 3 main highlights of this week first I met the team of IBM volunteers,3 of whom will be joining me  for the first 3 partner project…GSK,IBM and AMREF..like us volunteers come from all over the world but just for 1 month..they made me […]

Collage Departure (3) JPEG August 29

Sayonara Philadelphia, bonjour/salamalekum Dakar

Departure day is tomorrow. Everything is as ready as it can be. The last 4 months have been somewhat predictable with a mix of GSK work and trip planning activities. Just a few thoughts though as I enjoy my last summer night for a while in beautiful Bucks County. As I was packing the past few days, […]

A Room with a View…….

Well this is my fourth week in India….sorry it has taken me some time to write an update. However, it feels as if it has been a long few weeks and lots of things have happened to me and I could probably make a comedy serial out of the adventure in the last few weeks.   Nothing […]

IMG_3841 August 27

The Locals know Best

I have never imagined that a short weekend trip can leave such a deep impact in me. The trip was organized by a colleague, and due to some issues with my Visa and Work Permit application, my passport had been detained at the law firm for almost 2 months since the day I arrived at […]


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