Our Changing World

I write this blog entry a few days after my 15 year anniversary of working for GSK. During that time I have seen tremendous change in our supply of medicines to help people do more, feel better and live longer. I have seen with my own eyes how our changing world has required us to […]

La fin de l’aventure au Congo

L’aventure au Congo est terminée depuis déjà 3 semaines. Je finis mon congé pour recommencer le travail chez GSK ce lundi. Ce 3 semaines de pause était nécessaire entre ma vie au Congo et ma vie à Québec. Aucun point commun entre ces 2 réalités, juste moi au milieu qui essaie de maintenir le lien. Mes […]

Palumbo icecream March 23

Science’s Sweet Side

Part of the PULSE experience is being pressed into service on any number of tasks outside of your traditional GSK job description, and this week’s to-do list happened to include eating ice cream. I had the pleasure of judging another round of the Philadelphia Engineering/Math Challenge. The eight area middle and high school teams were given […]

My Day at Roxborough High School

A Day in High School Today I spent the day in a High Needs Philadelphia Public School, Roxborough High. In its hay day, Roxborough housed 2,000 students. Today that number has decreased to an enrollment of 600 due to the proliferation of charter schools in the Philadelphia metro area. As enrollment decreases, money to support […]

Resident Selection Day- March 15th 2014

Selection Day- March 8th, 2014 This past Saturday on March 8th, I worked alongside colleagues at the Philadelphia Teacher Residency during Selection Day held at Drexel University. The purpose was to select the 2014 cohort of math and science teacher “Residents.” Candidates were evaluated by individuals from Philadelphia Teacher Residency, Drexel University and students. During […]

A winters welcome to Philadelphia

My first week in Philly- 5 degrees and 13 inches of snow!


At the start of my Pulse assignment, I promised myself that I would challenge my existing knowledge and viewpoints by trying out new experiences and then reflecting on what I’ve learnt.  So with this in mind, I left the Save the Children office last night to stride down Fleet Street and The Strand towards Trafalgar […]

GoodBye March 13

A movie to explain my project in Direct Relief & ThankYOU DR!

Because it is sometimes easier to understand things by pictures, you can now see the achievement I did during my 6 months assignement. Nothing wouldn’t have been possible without the very good collaboration with all staff. Thanks to all my Direct Relief’s colleagues for their support for implementing the Barcoding in the warehouse (Sarva (I miss you :)), my […]

Playing Detective

I’ve always been a sucker for a good detective drama and today it struck me about how much my Pulse assignment has become playing the role of a detective. The early phase of the partnership has been focused on setting up logistics to launch in-country programmes, deciding which products would be most effective in supporting […]

“Nadine au Congo” – The END

Last day in Kinshasa! I am flying back home tonight to return into my “real life”. It is too early and to emotional to draw conclusions and understand what really change in me after this great and challenging experience. I am so happy to go back. I can’t wait to find my life as a […]

Bla ndai*

*Goodbye in baoulé At the end of this wonderful period in Côte d’Ivoire, it is a good moment to look back and write a wrap-up of all my experiences here. After my arrival in Man early September 2013, I was immediately thrown in the water. The least you can say is that this start was […]

Two weeks to go – A reflection

As I sit here on a (sunny) Sunday morning contemplating the fact that I am only a fortnight away from finishing my Pulse assignment, I find myself extremely grateful for all the things that DIDN’T happen in my 6 months in Rwanda: I didn’t get ill once – not even a sneeze! Its included above, […]

IMG_0691 February 20

Kenya, and signing-off

December 2013 marked the end of my PULSE assignment at Save the Children and my return GSK. I’ve learned a lot during my time in London. It is certainly the people that make any work environment; I have built friendships and will return to visit them. It is hard to let go, and handover the […]

IMG_4375 February 20

Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count

I’m already a third of the way through my assignment with Save the Children in London. It’s been a period of building relationships and learning about the organisational structure and operating model. Although the language and culture of an NGO are different to GSK, there are similarities. In both organisations, people are highly qualified, motivated […]

9 access road February 20

Democratic Republic of Congo

“The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) army has repulsed several attacks in the capital, Kinshasa, by a “terrorist group”, the government has said. The state TV headquarters, the international airport and a military base in the city were all targeted” BBC News, 30th Dec 2013. This news shows just how fragile the state is, and […]


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