IMG_0136 November 20

Number Ones and Number Twos !!!

There is things in our life that we take it for granted; palatable water and toilets are among those. On 19 of November we celebrate check: I was astonished when I discovered that in some areas like Sauri- Kenya, the percentage of pit latrines/toilets do not exceed 15 percent Among 1564 households there is only […]

Up on the Hill, on a wet end of afternoon. Check the one on the right hand side that is connected to another bike ...  This picture reflect the true speed of the lorry ... November 23

A Chemist in Burundi: The “Zombies” of Bugarama !

Bikes in Burundi take two: Last post was about crazy downhill technique, today’s one is about going uphill. Like its neighbours Rwanda, Burundi is hilly, really hilly, while the capital is around 800m of altitude (2500 feet) the collines in the inside of the country are much higher. Gitega, the second town of the country […]

12889565-the-mechanism-of-an-old-watch-close-up November 21

Prevention Partners’ Board Meeting

Attending the Prevention Partners’ board meeting was an incredible experience for me.  After hang out in Corporate America for the last 80 years, (OK, I’m lying; it just feels like 80 years most days.), I usually go home exhausted and feeling like a small cog in a very large, complex watch.  However, here at Prevention Partners, I […]

20141120_100916 November 21

2 months into my assignment: ADP is my “cup of tea”

Things have started moving in term of project but first I want to tell you more about some of the People I am working or interacting with. I have rediscovered some of the advantage sitting in a small office with 4 other people. Yes space is limited but I don’t see the time flying! You […]

Survivors 1 November 20

“We take care of our women…..Tell everyone you know”

“Five of the Most Influential People I Have Met in Kisumu Kenya: Part III“. Not all that surprisingly, the 3rd person on my list of 5 of “the most impactful people I have met in Kisumu” is a woman. However, she is not from Kisumu, nor is she from Kenya, or from Africa. “We take […]

Remember, remember the 5th of November

The nights are drawing in here in London but there is no let-up in the energy and dedication of the staff at Save the Children UK to improve the lives of children all over the globe. The Pulse volunteers were kindly invited to the recent Annual Reception held to acknowledge the importance of the financial donations […]

IMG_3066 November 19

How I used the GSK ADP during my PULSE Assignment ?

Hi all ! Here is a story board power point that I have done in order to document and illustrate concretely the use of GSK ADP during my PULSE assignment. Hope this will give you some ideas for your PULSE assignment as well ! Cheers. Laure Benjamin, 2014 PULSE Volunteer at UNICEF, Democratic Republic of the Congo

November 19


Nope, this is not a rapper’s name, it was the conference I went to in Cape Town, South Africa. HIV Research For Prevention was partially sponsored by IAVI. I was invited to both help represent my site at KAVI as well as explain how IAVI and GSK partner up to assist worldwide. I met with […]

A balancing act November 18

South Africa – Trip 2 – Le weekend [14-16 Nov]

Everyone loves Friday… Yay! And Fridays in Munsieville are fun, because there is often some sport activity organised in the afternoon. Well, that was the plan until a meeting supposed to finish early ran over and only finished at 15.30… So instead we played a few games outside the embassy before making a beeline for […]

152 November 17

A Visitor! (part 3)

Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is home to the world’s largest population of mountain gorillas, with a range spanning into Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The Rwandan gorillas were famously studied by Dian Fossey until her death in 1985, and were the inspiration for Gorillas in the Mist. There are only about 800 of […]

Symbols of Senegal (1) November 17

Some of the many symbols of Senegal

Today I’m just sharing a few photos of emblems of Senegal. African Renaissance Monument – Dakar The African Renaissance Monument is a 49m tall bronze statue located on top of one of the twin hills known as Collines des Mammelles. The statue was designed by the Senegalese architect Pierre Goudiaby after an idea presented by […]

photo 2 November 17

50 things I will miss about Uganda #becsoneill

I was driving back from Murchison Falls (for a second time) yesterday and had an overwhelming sad feeling. It was the first time it has really hit me that in under 3 weeks time I’m actually not going to be here anymore! Although I’m now really excited about getting home to see my friends, family and […]

Samuel - Rabuor November 17


               The project “I have something to say” is a project from my heart. One of those projects which allows you to keep in mind that life is worth living. Through the eyes of these children with specific needs you remember that we don’t need to bring something amazing, something special to be helpful …Time […]

blog for maternal health reproductive November 17

How much do you know or are in tune with Reproductive Health?

Approximately 14,700 women and girls die in Kenya each year due to pregnancy related complications In Kenya another 294,000 to 441,000 women and girls suffer from disabilities caused by complications during pregnancy and childbirth Obstructed labor occurs in 5% of live births and accounts for 8% of all maternal deaths. It is one of the […]

The pool at No8 Guesthouse November 17

South Africa – Trip 2 – Week 1&2

I can’t believe this is already my second week in Munsieville… when I booked my flights I thought that 5 weeks was a long time but it isn’t really… not when you’re doing something like this! It was weird landing in OR Tambo last week and driving over to Krugersdorp… When I got there I was […]


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