G August 03

London A to Z

G is for “Gratitude”. If you’ve quickly scanned down the screen, then you may be feeling Grateful that it’s a short message this week.  But that’s not the gratitude I’m thinking about.  PULSE assignments provide us with an opportunity to personally Grow and Gain a new perspective on our lives and on the world. “Good […]

Breast Is Best

Breast Is Best August 1st to the 7th is World Breast Feeding Week. As a mom, I insisted on breast feeding my children. I remember fondly the discussions my mother and I had about this subject before my daughter, Jennifer, was born. Mom grew up in a generation where breast feeding was frowned upon. She […]

232 August 03

The Lottery of Birth

The Lottery of Birth Birth is a lottery. Where, when and to whom you are born and the society into which you are born will influence your life chances. Last week I spent 3 days in beautiful places in the East part of Slovakia. My colleagues and I visited Poprad, Preshow and Kosice. Actually the […]

escaping the city August 03

12 things to take note of if you are coming to Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)

12 Things to take note of if you are coming to Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) Maps are nonexistent; people don’t work by maps or road names. You will have to go by what is near that location. The amount of times i have got into a taxi and then called a local (friend) to get them […]

002 August 03

“Orange is the new black” – Not

Förra veckan fick jag följa med Jennie (Disciples of Mercys grundare) till ett kvinnofängelse här i Kisumu. Disciples of Mercy har ett stort engagemang för fångar och åker regelbundet ut och predikar, men har även köpt in sängar till fängelset. Innan dess fick kvinnorna sova på golvet. De hjälper f.d. fångar att komma tillbaka in […]

IMG_0011 August 01

Philadelphia GSK Orange Day with TheFoodTrust

It certainly can’t get any better than this!  Weatherman says RAIN-Orange Day planned -meet at community garden to keep those vegetables growing The Food Trust HYPE(Healthy Youth Positive Energy) team ready to weed with us! Rain holds off!!! Garden looks Awesome!!!  Next stop – meet local middle schoolers working on marketing plan for selling Blueberries-Awesome!!! […]

blog4-1-flower August 01

First 30 days in Rwanda – Overview

In rural Rwanda, the food is all organic and the meat is all free range. Goats are probably the most common animal, but cows come in a close second. Generally, the goats are tied in place with a leash of sorts and left to eat whatever they can find. Goats will eat just about anything. […]

PULSE_logo_generic_green July 31

Palabras pueden ser sólo palabras… More than words

Si alguien me pregunta que he aprendido en éste mes., sin duda contestaría que he aprendido a escuchar con todos mis sentidos. Pulse debe servirnos para consolidarnos como líderes y sin duda alguna, escuchar puede ayudarnos en ese camino.   Cuando llegas a un país y todos hablan un lenguaje que tú no conoces, te sientes […]

PULSE_logo_generic_mauve July 31

Culture Shock – what do people in the charity sector eat for lunch?

So, I’ve just started my six month Pulse assignment with World Child Cancer, based in Vauxhall south London. That’s actually only 30 minutes on the train from where I live, so you wouldn’t expect my culture shock to be as big as it is for the Pulse volunteers who are a long way from home […]

image July 30

When a poem says it all……..

I am not going to make this blog entry about myself………..At last, you may think!  Well, I could reiterate what a great experience I am having and how much I am enjoying my assignment at Target Ovarian Cancer, but today I want to talk about the impact cancer has on the patient’s friends and family […]

AngorWat July 30

From the Pearl of Asia…

From the Pearl of Asia: “There are moments in time, when you have to slow down. Make no plans and let it go.” Dalla perla dell’Asia: “Ci sono moment in cui devi rallentare. Non pianificare nulla e semplicemente lasciar andare.” I’ve always thought, I would have never been able to do it. Since I was […]

Kaptalelio July 30

Kangaroo Babies

Today has been a wonderful and yet taxing day. We were on a field trip to health dispensaries in Mount Elgon which is the most mountainous and remote part of Bungoma County. During the stop at Mount Elgon Sub County hospital we got the chance to observe the KMC ( Kangaroo Mother Care) ward . […]

image July 29

Drop. Cover. Hold.

Drop. Cover. Hold. A 7.2 magnitude Earthquake struck Manilla and killed 52,000 at 10:30 AM on July 30th. That got your attention, didn’t it? Thankfully this is just a simulation drill citywide in Manilla today. It is however a real possibility. The East and West Valley fault line runs thru Manilla and has shown increasing […]

003 July 29

Healthy Meals meets Boodle Fight!

In Celebration of JULY as Nutrition Month, on July 24, THINK AND WEAR GREEN. The healthy fight will happen at 12 noon   Well-being is alive and kicking for staff here at Save. Last week we were invited to attend a nutritional awareness presentation, followed by a Boodle fight. A Boodle fight is a Philippine […]

Reading up on Rwanda with a Primus and Harry's Cracker Chicken (with some good home made chilli sauce!) July 28

Week 1 in Rwanda

There is a beeping sound in the CHAI office this morning, which means the power is off, and hence there is no wifi. So I am writing this blog offline… A lot has happened in this first week, so this blog is fairly long. I will try to keep following blogs short, and hopefully will […]


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