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Communication is the key to success! ‘Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of ideas, feelings, intentions, attitudes, expectations, perceptions or commands, as by speech, gestures, writings and behavior. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or more. Communication requires a sender, a message, a medium and a recipient, although […]

Agile Software Development and Prevention Partners

Whether you are developing software to meet robust data integration needs for delivery to external customers or reevaluating your business processes, agile software development mythology is an efficient and effective method to convey information by encouraging face-to-face conversations.  The Technology and Continuous Improvement (T&CI) team here are Prevention Partners used Agile to design new SharePoint […]

A Chemist in Burundi: House Hunting, Bujumbura style!

A few of my fellow PULSE volunteer were able to arrive to an already sorted accommodation or to share a house with other volunteers based in the same town. As the first and only one sent to Burundi, my story was a bit different. Finding a place to live is usually based on two major […]

Before starting !!!

Finally, I manage to get my Visa and I will start my mission on 13th of August. Cannot wait to start !!! The only thing that I will miss is my little angel :)

Cob July 22

Friday Night Take-Away – Emma Drawbridge

Walking home from work on a Friday night I thought to myself, what’s better than cooking on a Friday night, a take-away is better. Dar Es Salaam is great for street stalls and one takes my fancy based on the amazing aromas. This particular street stall sells barbecued chicken and barbecued corn cobs. So I […]

carta cony July 21

“Mi mamá es buena mamá”

He conocido una amiguita, de 12 años, a la que llamaré Cony. Cony es la hija mayor de Paola, pero Paola no se casó con el papa de Cony. Ella despues de muchos años, tuvo otra pareja y con él dos niños. Lamentablemente, para las todos, Paola no pudo construir la familia que pretendía con su nueva […]

IMG_0728 July 20

Photo Link (I hope)

Hello PULSE Blog followers. Surprisingly, this will be short, without a story attached. I am including a link to our Kisumu Kenya picture show taken during our first few weeks here. Hopefully 1 out of 2 gives you success. https://www.icloud.com/iw/#keynote/BAImDM7iTWHVD6JrnkeBpspz407DbgPef62F/2014_Kenya_ For use on a mobile device, please try this pdf file: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-B5y9H1NHjxMjBDYkRSbTJ4QUk/edit?usp=docslist_api My wife helped […]

IMG_0741 July 20

Kakamega Rain Forest and African Massage

This past Saturday, Michelle, Joerg, Christine (my wife) and I took a guided day trip across the Equator to the only tropical rain forest in Kenya, the Kakamega National Forest Reserve. This scheduled trip could not have been timed any better as the local power company shut down the entire power grid to the region […]

Blog - Photo 4 July 20

Week 4 in Kisumu … this time a shorter journal entry

Some family members and friends said to me I write too much. So I will make it shorter this week. Victoria from Belgium arrived on Tuesday noon, as planned. She was in a good shape but tired, of course. Tuesday was also the day when my first two posters were printed: 1) to inform the […]

My first visit to the School District of Philadelphia building located at 440 North Broad. July 18

Work in Progress

Whether I was prepared for it or not, I was introduced to the STEM community in Philadelphia during my first 2 weeks here at the Ed Fund. Not knowing much about educational public policy and local politics, I tried to catch up by reading anything available to me. Also, I asked to tag along and […]

15 - Homeless July 18

I’m # 12…

As I was getting ready to leave for the evening, one of the ladies at the Helen Wright Center had shared with me that her day planner had “disappeared” and it was hard to keep up with appointments and chores. I asked her name and told her that I would see if I could find […]

assignment nr 1, build a shoe tower July 18

Seduced by failure?

“Innovation, Creativity and Change” – the title of the online course felt seducing. Change is constant and I have long felt it would be welcome to add a little creativity to combat organizational communications challenges. I decided to overlook the fact that my bucket is already kind of full: a fresh PULSE volunteering assignment to […]

Belgrade July 18

Getting used to Belgrade, exciting period to come!

I have set a challenge: write a post every 2-3 weeks… :) let’s see if I can do it! I have to say that when I was told for the first time about my assignment in Serbia, and I thought about how this assignment could be, and I have never expected so good starting. First […]

Beautiful Da Nang July 18

Finding Pearls in the Ocean

I am so lucky that I got to travel to another part of the city by my 2nd week here with Vietnam Save the Children. My 1st assignment is to help with the Skill to Succeed (S2S) Project. This is a global project to improve employment prospects of at-risk youth aged 16-24 in 6 countries, […]

Fistula Survivor Photo July 18

Fistula Survivors RISE UP and have a “Story” to tell

These are the words of the women I met this week at the first monthly Fistula Survivor meeting I have attended at the JOOTR Hospital. These survivors have come from all over to meet in Kisumu and connect with each other. This is important to note because the travel here is difficult. Many of the […]


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