Evance in front of Zingira Nyanza October 25

“Teach your children well” Most Impactful People I Have Met: Part I

The original premise for this 5-part blog series was to highlight impactful women of Kisumu that I had met in this western region of Kenya during my PULSE assignment, and describe their contributions to improving health and well being within the local and outlying communities. But as this series evolved, I quickly realized that would […]

Prevention Partners and Process Improvement

Meeting Goal: Capture current Access Code business process, analyze and determine gaps then brain storm ideas for a new and improved Access Code process.  And then Holy Diversionary Tactics, Batman. The meeting was diverted to “How to draw a better stick figure.” Here are the questions the team had to ask themselves to declare the drawing […]

MVs on the Map (5) October 24

Pulse assignment part 2- Millennium Villages, what is it?

Today’s blog is probably too long, but never mind. Some of you may be interested in some aspects in particular. Just check out the photos if you have limited time. The concept of Millennium Villages was proposed and implemented through the hospice of Columbia University’s Earth Institute which is headed by international economist Dr Jeffrey […]

Photo0219 October 23

A Chemist In Burundi : Back to School Cendjajuru way !

Hello, In a few days I will be four months since we landed in Bujumbura, Burundi and in the last few weeks the time has really speeded up. On the evening of going inside Burundi collines for a field trip, I realised that I have not share with you any impression of these rich experiences. […]

Mushanana October 23

HRH and Umuganda

And now you can flip your calendars to the end of August. As we approached September, we also approached the beginning of a new academic year for the students and faculty of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) in Rwanda.  This is the busiest time of year for the Human Resources for Health […]

Dad and daughter walking to school in the streets of Philly October 22

Bold Moves

What will successfully motivate individuals with different agendas to share and collaborate? Each group I interact within the Philadelphia educational world have been successful in achieving individual goals but, to solve long-standing issues related to the Philadelphia public school system, every sector must work together and partner with one another. However, it is not easy […]

IMG_2612 October 21

An eventful 3 weeks to say the least….. #becsoneill

The past 3 weeks have been super action packed…Running, donating, game driving, boxing, rafting, jumping….and stealing! (working too obviously J) I now have only just over 6 weeks left here at CHAI and in Uganda so I’m really trying to pack everything in and make the most of every minute I have left. Let’s start […]

Bougainvillea October 21

Gisenyi and Lake Kivu

Screeeeeeeech.  Rewind way back to the beginning of August.  This is when I took my first trip outside the city limits of Kigali.  This will be old news to those of you who have seen some photos on Facebook, but I hope it’s new to someone!  Soon, I will be blogging in real time. The […]

image October 20

Community Mobilization – Does It Really Work?

Here are pictures from a quarterly meeting with the CORPs (Community Owned Resource Persons) in West Pokot, which is part of one of the Community Mobilization Programs, currently in place in Western Kenya. When my project went through a shift, so did some of my objectives. Most of you are aware of the development of […]

My family commandeered a large "bouncy pillow" at a fall festival in Virginia. October 20


Phew, it has been longer since my last blog than I realized.  I’d like to attribute it all to having found my place in Kigali, and finding people and activities that keep me too busy to blog.  And while that is mostly true, I’ve also just been a little bit lazy about keeping up with […]

PULSE_logo_generic_pink October 17

Positive change, gratitude, satisfaction

Today was my last day of Pulse assignment. I cannot believe 15 weeks passed by so fast. I went to Philadelphia Education Fund (Ed fund) to make some positive change. My task was to make an assessment of the Ed fund’s IT landscape and propose a 3 year technology road map.  But I realized soon […]

PULSE_logo_generic_aqua October 16

Be The Change – Emma Drawbridge

VOLUNTEER FLYER If you want to be the change, check out the link and get involved

Life is a chance October 15

Life is a chance

When Bratislava falls asleep, I am in the mood to write … Bratislava castle just from my terrace. An amazing life! Life is a chance and it is up to us how we profit from it. Only WE are responsible for our decisions and guidance in our lives. At the beginning of 2014, I had […]

20141014_143518 October 15

It is all about change!

One month into my assignment and now it is time to share my experience so far being with the IAVI (International AIDS Vaccine Initiative). “All about change” summarizes it all! On the 15th of September when i started my assignment i was in a state of my mind ready to take on any change: An […]

Kisumu outreach 026 October 15

Obstetric fistula, ever heard of it?

Just back from surgical camp at Kisumu to repair obstetric fistula(VVF or RVF).Obstetric fistula is common in Africa,caused by delay in delivery of the baby,the head pressing against the soft tissue,cutting off blood supply and causing tissue death and so a hole.The women then leak faeces or urine and are isolated from their community.Repairing the […]


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