A spotlight on my assigment

Given my background in vaccines, some of my friends and colleagues think that I’m travelling from one village to another in the rural areas of Kenya to do vaccination campaigns. Although that would be a great thing to do but it is not the case. Actually I am working at the HQ of Amref and […]

Tambo October 06

The times they are a changing… a new hope for peace, and ‘mindfulness’ in schools

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner” – Nelson Mandela Over the last couple of weeks, Colombia momentarily became the focus of world attention as the country witnessed what many are describing as one of the most important moments in the […]

walk October 06

Half way through…….am I making an impact?

I cannot believe I am already half way through my six month assignment at Target Ovarian Cancer. Yes, I am settled, my objectives have been agreed and clear for a while, and I am now fully aware of what the charity is about and trying to achieve. So on my way to work this morning, […]

P October 05

London A to Z

P is for “PULSE”. Some weeks are Particularly Painless to assign a Principal word to and of course P week had to be PULSE, no Prizes there.  But it was only when I started to Put Pen to Paper (as it were) that I realised I Probably Peaked too early last week when I linked […]

IMG_2494 October 05

Hope is in Children

Time flies when we are busy. It is hard to believe but the first month of my PULSE assignment is already behind me. Recently, together with ‘Healthy Communities’ Volunteers, I took part in workshops held in Poprad and Presov in the eastern part of Slovakia. People volunteering for ‘Healthy Communities’ are Roma Health Mediators. They […]

Flooded home compound October 05

I bless the rains down in Africa

Pop quiz time, do you know what song the above lyrics come from? You may need to be a child of the 80’s ! Rain –  great gumboot soaking, puddling rain comes often in Bungoma. Almost every evening about 6pm. I have had some hairy experiences with rain here already. Firstly there was the Sunday […]

image October 05

Giving Back To Mother Nature

The Philippines is full of natural beauty. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful place I have traveled on my trips worldwide. Thanks to our incredible Pulse program, I get to live here for six months. I continue to be amazed at the natural wonders here above and below the sea. One of my life long […]

Picture1 October 03

Taste of Truimph-Story of Success in Ruhiira village,Uganda

As already discussed in my previous blogs,I am working with millennium villages project on their one of the most ambitious plans ” Eminyeeto”(meaning youth in local runyankore language) girls and young women empowerment programme. As a part of this programme one of the essential component was to enable these women to carry out a female led business […]

IMG_7551 October 03

South Africa Success Stories…3 (Arts, Cultural and Sports Integration)-An Indian artist on African beats

#southafrica#childhealth#focusonpatients-gsk#projecthopeuk#blog07 Dumelang!!! (Hellos!!!) It’s the time to talk about my favourite topic. Art, culture, music, dance, drama, talent show, sports etccc… RAMZAT KALAMANDIR, INDIA. Being an Indian registered artist from past 18 years, and die-hard fan of traditional folk culture, my heart can skip the life beat but can not skip the music beat anywhere […]

IMG_5672 October 02

A tale of two buildings

I saunter up and down empty corridors, peering through empty cabins in search of life. Empty desks and chairs, computers covered in plastic, files lay strewn across the table-reminiscent of a once busier time. Tales of its glorious past hang on either side of the walls. I stop and admire the colorful pictures and read […]

Lemur Selfie October 01

Stories from the Small Continent- Month 1

I’m five weeks here now. The time has gone by so fast and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Looking back at my first few days where everything was so intimidating, I’m glad to say that one month in, I’m far more relaxed and settled. I now get a thrill out of walking in the […]

7-hany With the resident_Samutprakan CH October 01

Be a Winner!

Last week I had a visit for one of the Cheshire homes in Thailand (Samutprakan Cheshire Home) After spending some time with the Disabled residence there(they gave me a lot of gifts they made by themselves), we had a lunch together with the president of the home, but what really inspired me was that boy in the […]

008 September 29

Lite uppdateringar / Some updates

Kommer ni ihåg Judith som jag berättade om i början av augusti? Hon opererades för obstetrisk fistel på Gynocare Fistula Centre i Eldoret för andra gången, men tyvärr lyckades man inte återställa henne den här gången heller. Idag när jag var på väg på lunch mötte jag henne vid grinden här på Disciples of Mercy. […]

Kids attending training with their mom September 29

From the Pearl of Asia – Cambodia on my mind #4

Good morning from Phnom Penh! I’ve not written a blog for a while, too busy to travel around Cambodia or organizing my next trips. Do you remember my challenge? 7 countries in 6 months? Well, I am working hard on it! Cambodia and Laos are in my bag. Nepal and Tibet are coming next: a […]

O September 28

London A to Z

O is for “Opportunities”. When reading the blogs from the Other volunteers, a common theme is “using the Opportunities we are given”.  We have been given a great Opportunity to change Ourselves, try new experiences and make a difference in the world; even if that change feels like Only an impossibly small One compared with […]


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