IMG_3841 August 27

The Locals know Best

I have never imagined that a short weekend trip can leave such a deep impact in me. The trip was organized by a colleague, and due to some issues with my Visa and Work Permit application, my passport had been detained at the law firm for almost 2 months since the day I arrived at […]

DSC_0675 August 27

Sadness, anger, and then a little hope /Tristesse, colere et puis un peu d’espoir

English Version It is not easy every day. Last week, additionally to our work, we were to look after children about jiggers (it is an insect that go into the skin, pond and eat your skin especially at the extremities hands and feet) Normally it should be a little preventive action with 3 children, […]

Picture1 August 26

Arrancó con pantuflas…

Llegó la patrulla de Carabineros  alrededor de las 17:00 hrs. a la casa de acogida, con una mujer de 26 años y su hija de 6, en su interior.  Ambas muy silenciosas; Carmen, la mamá, todo el rato mirando al suelo y María Paz bastante tímida. Ver a Carmen a los ojos, fue algo sobrecogedor… […]

DSC_0734 August 26

“All We Need is Just a Little Patience” (Guns and Roses, 1989)

PULSE teaches us about flexible thinking to solve and resolve issues, about needing patience, about adapting to cultural and environmental changes, about listening to the voice of the customer. ‘Patience’; Part I: 13-9, that certainly sounds like a high scoring baseball game or a very defensive American football game. I have been in Kisumu 72 […]

Meeting in Can Tho Vietnam for S2S Project August 26

A small step makes a big change!

This week marks a remarkable step on the Skill to Succeed Project, which I hope will lead to big changes on life of at-risk youth in Vietnam! The Skill to Succeed Project is a global project to improve employment prospects of at-risk youth aged 15-24 in 6 countries, including China, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The […]

image August 25

The somewhat different “Subway Challenge”

Two months have passed since I started my personal PULSE journey. As everyone knows, two months at home normally pass with a blink, without much notice at all, as you are absorbed by everyday hassle and routines. In a new setting you are bound to be more mindful. Especially if you have time. And time is […]

IMG_0127 August 25

First week with MVP-Sauri

It is a long way to go but all journeys start by the first step. So my first step is to listen, see and understand actually everything!!! This is what we call it GEMBA walks or simply “be there” Therefore, I spend most of my first week in the field (Sauri area) Sauri, which is about 30 […]

Impala August 25

South Africa – Trip 1 – Day 6 & 7

My first weekend in South Africa and an opportunity to experience the stunning scenery of the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and the beautiful Shepherds Tree Game Lodge. To get there, a 2.5 hours drive on rather poorly maintained roads but it was worth it!!! I left Krugersdorp at 10am on Saturday morning and got to the […]

average-rainfall-rwanda-kigali August 25

The rains have begun

The rains have been slow and steady thus far, preparing me for the “rainy” season, it’s a nice transition period however I know these initial rains are only a primer for what’s to come from September through December. The sound of the heavy rains against the roof is soothing, I’ve already fallen asleep to the sound a […]

Joyería August 25

Visitantes especiales

La tarde estaba acompañada por el frío habitual de Bogotá, cuando nos llamaron para decirnos que nuestros visitantes habían llegado. Todo el equipo se reunió en la sala de juntas del tercer piso . Eran unos chicos del municipio de Barbacoas, departamento de Nariño; quienes participaron dentro de uno de los programas que Save the Children Colombia […]

20140820_111323 August 25

Tribal Healthcare Project – Nashik

A week into the assignment,I have spent most of the time on field visits in Mumbai and Nashik areas meeting the team of doctors,health workers,mobile clinic staff and understanding the services and activities My NGO – Niramaya Health Foundation is focused on community health care intiatives. As a part of this,they operate Mobile Clinics ( […]

PULSE_logo_generic_blue August 24

PULSE !!! a perfect vehicle to discover somethings

Unlike many things in life there is choice involved in volunteering. As a volunteer, we’ve decided to help on our own accord, free from pressure to act from others. We predominantly express a sense of achievement and motivation, and this is ultimately generated from our desire and enthusiasm to help. It may be true that no […]

The team at Sterkfontein caves August 24

South Africa – Trip 1 – Day 4 & 5

South Africa – Trip 1 – Day 4 Focus, focus, focus…. after a couple of days of getting involved with ‘non-project related’ activities (but very worthy activities nonetheless!!!), I have finally presented my vision for the project to the entire team, who was gathered around my laptop to have a look at my colourful Power […]

Cover Photo August 23

The PULSE (Rhythm) of Kisumu, Part II: Incubating Ideas

The incredible edible egg. So, a burning question I am sure you are curious about, can you balance an egg on the head of a nail when at the equator? Is this a fact or just another bubba miseh? A Google search will reveal that you can, but for as many successes captured on YouTube, […]

image August 23

Celebrating our 15 Year Wedding Anniversary EARLY in PARIS!

It is hard to believe my husband and I are celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary this year and that we did it in Paris! Every year I find myself disappointed that my husband hasn’t thought outside of the box or planned something romantic for our anniversary, so celebrating early in Paris has a bit […]


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