Ball November 27

A night on BROADWAY: Website

I have brought to you the highlights of the preparations and enthusiasm here in Belgrade regarding this event in my couple of blogs in past week. I am going to talk about something very special those I saw in very high profile events only so far around the globe. I observed an idea to launch […]

Sunset_Oct2015 November 27

The Harmattan is here!

Gosh this last month has been a busy one! We received an extremely warm welcome from the GSK office in Lagos as well as manufacturing site in Agbara.   We returned back to Abuja in time to celebrate Halloween, Nigerian style.  Then finishing off a final round of training on project management and effective communication to […]

madelaine November 27

Home away from home

As I near the end of my assignment (3 weeks to go!), here are a mix of reflections, both on day-today life as well as work. Sometimes it feels like you’re so far away from home: When you play a staring contest with the two sheep who are trying to intimidate you while sunbathing When […]

With sweet little childrens At IIMC,s Orphanage Home cum Handicap centre November 26

“Your Talent is God’s Gift to You. What you do with it is Your Gift back to God “.

“Go Confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have dreamed”.

IMG_3196 November 26

Barangay bingo, a beauty pageant and microphobia

My next stop was at a 2 day project launch and planning workshop for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Nutrition (MNCHN) program in Quezon City, the largest and most populous in Metro Manila and home to Save’s Luzon- Visayas Program Office (LVPO).   This was to launch the 4th year of this program to […]

Russell and Friends 2 November 26

Dispatches from Kigali: Controlled substances, guns and a pushy female

After spending too many weekends in Kigali I finally pulled the trigger on a trip to Volcanoes National Park, in northwest Rwanda, to observe a family of mountain gorillas in the wild. One week later I am still getting my head around what happened… The trip to the park included a stop for Rwandan fast […]

image November 25

A Filipino Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in the United States as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year. It is celebrated today, the fourth Thursday of November. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Thanksgiving has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions. […]

GSK IMG_8736 EDIT (2) November 25

Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer: CSR Launch

It was honor to be invited as volunteer of a UK based organization GSK by H.E Mr. Denis Keefe the ambassador of United Kingdom to Serbia on cocktail arranged at his residence in showing gratitude towards the noble services of GSK towards Serbian community. H.E warmly welcomed, greeted and acknowledged the corporate social responsibility actions […]

11221831_1641010656149528_443129792259677855_n November 24

A night on BROADWAY: Weekend Bash in Office

This story explains about how much effort you necessitate to make the perfect composition with the right ingredients to make an event a real success and convert into a masterpiece. The guys here deserve a “hats off” and raise the hands for salutation those are truly working hard and selflessly for the terminally ill patients […]

DSC_0445 November 23

Lima – Ciudad Intervención (City intervention)

  This was the name of interactive exposition held some time ago in Miraflores municipality building. Every visitor could write a text on a post-it card and stick it to the map of Lima drawn on the hall walls. These messages usually indicated the place where something had occurred (“I fell in love in this […]

W November 23

London A to Z

W is for “Whatever, Wherever, Whenever”. Where in the World Were We last Week ?  We Went to Ware.  Where ?  Ware.  (Apologies – old joke Which never fails to amuse those hearing it for the first time). (As a brief digression, could that possibly be the Winning first line of this posse of postings […]

???????????????????????????????????? November 23

“health.gsk” Serbia signs in..

I am recalling the days before joining the assignment while I was still in Oman and I was on my routine activities, we were in pre-launch phase of “health.gsk” the internet platform by GSK to HCPs. This website provides information on GSK prescription products for healthcare professionals all over the world. I traveled to Serbia at […]

_MG_3033 November 22

A night on BROADWAY: First Look

As I mentioned in my previous post about our major fundraising event in 2015 is a charity ball going to be held on 28th November, this Saturday. I am again writing to share with you few updates about the preparations of this event. I am very enthusiastic to be part of this team who is […]

PULSE Fantastic Seven November 20

Every Man Is NOT An Island

PULSE Fantastic Seven

20151114_062937[1] November 20

My First Blog Post…

I am 3 months through my pulse and have a MASSIVE aversion to blogging. For many reasons, besides being on a very, very, full on busy PULSE assignment in Farringdon, I am always prioritising the work and family before blogging. The Assignment: My assignment is to lead the change management peice for a project that […]


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